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Killer New Golden Age Of Metal Vinyl Collection I Just Bought!

thrash metal vinyl collection

It’s really hard to find good heavy metal vinyl collections, this is a rare exception. I managed to pick this one up with someone in Pittsburgh who answered my ad seeking vinyl collections. I paid a pretty penny for this collection, but it’s well worth it as is all the vinyl is in near-mint condition and contains many HUGE TILES (most first press). Check out this video of the unboxing.

You could check out this page where I listed the contents of all these albums, they are from the golden age of metal circa 1984 to 1989. A lot of good thrash metal and some hard to find hair metal records.

Gallery Of Some Of The Best Records…

if you or anyone you know is looking to sell your heavy metal CDs or thrash, classic rock vinyl I am constantly looking to buy them, and I pay top dollar.

Click Here For More Info

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MORBID SAINT – Spectrum Of Death [American Thrash Band]

morbid saint band

The spectrum of Death is the first by Morbid Saint. It is often hailed as one of the best thrash metal albums ever made and one of the fastest and most abrasive in the genre. Morbid Saint is similar to Kreator, Slayer, or Sadus in their style of extreme thrash metal. Morbid Saint’s “Spectrum Of Death” is a cult classic CD released by this somewhat obscure American thrash band.

A1 Lock Up Your Children
A2 Burned At The Stake
A3 Assassin
A4 Damien
B1 Crying For Death
B2 Spectrum Of Death
B3 Scars
B4 Beyond The Gates Of Hell

Total length: 32:00


Morbid Saint Is:

Pat Lind – Vocals
Jim Fergades – Guitar
Jay Visser – Guitar
Tony Paletti – Bass
Lee Reynolds – Drums

Credits and Info

Spectrum of Death was recorded at Opus Recording in Gurnee, Illinois. The album was initially released by the Mexican label Avanzada Metallica on LP and again on CD in 1991 (cat # KCT 23).

Morbid Saint ‎– Spectrum Of Death
Label: Avanzada Metalica ‎– AM 018
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Mexico
Released: 1990
Genre: Metal
Style: Thrash, Death Metal

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Atlanta Metal Band Hallows Eve – Where Are They Now?

hallows eve band

Hollows Eve was a thrash metal band from Atlanta, Georgia. They first became known for the “Metal Merchants” song on Metal Massacre. Their debut, “Tales Of Terror” on Metal Blade, gained them a cult following. The follow-up albums Death and Insanity and Monument were solid thrash albums (in my opinion) but failed to gain the band any traction. “Monument” is now out-of-print.

Hallows Eve: Another Great Metal Band That Never Went Big – What Happened To Them?

How did that happen?

tales of terror

Some Hallows Eve Facts You Might Not Know

  • On the Tales of Terror album, the band was a five-piece, with t with two guitar players one being Steve “Skullator” Shoemaker.
  • Skullator left the band after the Tales of Terroralbum because of creative differences. He was more into black metal.
  • The last live appearance monument era Hollow’s Eve ever made was for The Skullator’s benefit. In 1991 Steven was shot in a robbery attempt in Atlanta. Though struck in the head, Steven lived and now wears an eye patch.
  • Stacy Anderson performed in a band called DIN post-hollows Eve. He now owns a stump removal service in the Atlanta area.
  • Guitarist “David Stewart” is a successful photographer in the Atlanta area. Post Hollows Eve Post, he was in a band with two rappers named Urban Grind.
  • Tommy Stewart drives a taxi in the Atlanta area.
  • Police briefly investigated Tommy Stewart after the death of his wife. No charges were ever filed.
  • Hallows Eve tried to reform with Ex-Rigot Mortis vocalist Doyle Bright. They announced a “comeback”, but nothing ever happened.
  • Steve “Skullator” Shoemaker was the only one who stayed active in music. He put together a black metal band called Wormreich. Tragedy struck again — returning to Atlanta after their first tour, the van driver fell asleep, causing the van to swerve off the road, killing 2 and injuring 12. Stephen was critically injured. Now, like fellow musician Jeff Becerra, is confined to a wheelchair.
  • James Murphy played guitar in Hallows Eve briefly. He initially turned down Chuck’s offer to join Death, but was talked into accepting it by David Stuart.
  • Metal Blade has reissued most of the band’s early catalog and continues to sell to this day.

Listen To Hallows Eve Full Albums

Monument 1989

Death and Insanity (1986)

Tales of Terror (1985)

Tales of Terror Artwork and Sleeve

This album is frequently bootlegged. This is what the original first pressing artwork looks like.

All Hallows Eve Songs

Tales of Terron Track List:

1. Plunging to Megadeath
2. Outer Limits
3. Horrorshow
4. The Mansion
5. There Are No Rules
6. Valley of the Dolls
7. Metal Merchants
8. Hallows Eve-with Routine

Death And Insanity

  1. Death and Insanity
  2. Goblet of Gore
  3. Lethal Tendencies
  4. Obituary
  5. Plea of the Aged
  6. Suicide
  7. D.I.E. (Death in Effect)
  8. Attack of the Iguana
  9. Nefarious
  10. Nobody Lives Forever
  11. Death and Insanity (Reprise)

Monument Album Art

A List Of Everyone That Has Played In Hallows Eve

Hallows Eve

Stacy Andersen– Vocals (all albums)
David Stuart-Guitar (all album)
Skullator-Guitar ( first album only)
Tommy Stewart- (all albums)
Drums Tym Helton-Drums


Side A

Speed Freak
Sheer Heart Attack
Rot Gut
Monument (To Nothing)

Side B

Pain Killer
The Mighty Decibel
The Righteous Ones
No Sanctuary

Hallows Eve Line-Up 1985

Vocals – Stacy Anderson
Bass, Backing Vocals – Tommy Stewart
Drums, Backing Vocals – Rob Clayton
Guitar, Backing Vocals – David Stuart

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CIRITH UNGOL “ONE FOOT IN HELL” – Awesome Album Covers Don’t Make You The Next Iron Maiden!

MBR 1062 Cirith Ungle One Foot In Hell

Cirith Ungol A Metal Band That Could Have Been Big: Why Didn’t They Remain Obscure?

Cirith Ungol was lucky and hailed Ventura, California which was home to Metal Blade Records in 1988. If you’re like me, you might remember the old days, (before the Internet) when you made decisions about what albums you were going to buy by the artwork. That is how I accidentally bought a lot of Molly Hatchet and Nazareth albums.


Such is the case with Cirith Ungol. Now that I listen to it, it’s actually pretty good. At the time, I only like really heavy thrash or black metal bands. Hands the recent resurgence in the popularity of this Cirith Ungol! Listen for yourself, but first for a few facts.

Cirth Ungol Where Are They Now?

  • The band broke up in 1992, citing frustrations with their record label.
  • In 2001, Metal Blade released in “Germany Servants of Chaos”, a compilation of unreleased demos and live songs.
  • Founding guitarist Jerry Fogle died from liver failure on August 20, 1998. RIP
  • Lindstrom now plays with Falcon, who perform some Cirith Ungol songs

One Foot In Hell Album Artwork and Sleeve


“Blood & Iron” – 3:52
“Chaos Descends” – 4:55
“The Fire” – 3:37
“Nadsokor” – 4:43
“100 MPH” (Cirith Ungol, Greg Lindstrom) – 3:26
“War Eternal” – 5:12
“Doomed Planet” – 4:38
“One Foot in Hell” – 5:10

MBR 1062
RESTLESS 72143-1

Cirth Ungol Band Photo From The 1980

Cirith Ungol Line-Up 1988 On One Foot In Hell

Tim Baker – vocals
Jerry Fogle – guitars
Michael Vujea – bass
Robert Garven – drums

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Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn LP 1988 – Shrapnel Records SH-1036

Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn 1988 Vinyl

Jason Becker Also Known For Cacophony and David Lee Roth

Jason Becker was born in Richmond, California. Perpetual Burn was released in 1988 on Shrapnel Records. Previously, Jason was best known as half of Cacophony with ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman.

  • Jason Becker plays every instrument except drums on Perpetual Burn which is handled by Atma Anur.
  • Jason Becker and Marty Friedman had a project called Cacophony. Their first album was Speed Metal Symphony.
  • After this solo album came out Jason would become David Lee Roth’s guitarist and played on A Little Ain’t Enough.
  • Jason’s career was cut short by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis diminished his ability to speak and motor skills.
  • Jason continues to compose music using a computer.
  • He is considering releasing demos he recorded as a teenager as a CD tentatively titled Boy Meets Guitar.

Listen To Dahmer Full Album


Perpetual Burn Album Artwork and Sleeve

Track Listing

Side A

Perpetual Burn
Mabel’s Fatal Fable

Side B

Temple Of The Absurd
Eleven Blue Egyptians
Dweller In The Cellar
Opus Pocus

Album Details

Barcode: 016861952815
Barcode: 0 16861-9528-1 5
Label Code: LC 9321
Rights Society: STEMRA

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Wargasm (Thrash Metal Band) From Boston: Should Have Been The Next Metallica – Why Weren’t They?

wargasm band 3

Wargasm: File under the best thrash band that you’ve never heard of! This Boston-based power trio should have been the next Metallica, but I’m sure that had a crummy manager or record label (Profile Records) that kept them from hitting the big time. This original pressing of “Why Play Around?” is not available on iTunes.

That is how bad the music industry treated Wargasm!

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Wargasm But Were Afraid To Ask

If you’ve missed them for almost 30 years, check them out and listen to the full album on YouTube. Don’t be a fool and mess with those file-sharing or RAR download sites – they are bad news! If you are into collecting rare thrash vinyl, come back and pick this disc up. This rare, underrated metal gem qualifies as Wargasm in the Metal Bands That Should Have Been Bigger Hall of Fame!!

I grew up in Connecticut and was lucky enough to catch Wargasm Live a number of times, as they were frequently the de facto local support band for national tours like DRI, Exodus, and Nuclear Assault when the band would be on tour in the New England area. 

Rich Spillberg – Guitar Wargasam

A standout was guitarist Rich Spielberg, who was crazy good – like as good as Randy Rhodes. Check out the guitar solo in the song “Revenge” (linked here). You will see as many musicians in obscure metal bands or metal bands that should be bigger — he blows away many guitar players who became much more famous.

Listen To Wargasm On YouTube Here


VOTE HERE: Why didn’t Wargasm make it?

Why Wasn't Wargasm Bigger?

View Results

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Stats: Wargasm Why Play Around? 1988 Vinyl LP Album (ORIGINAL PRESSING) Thrash Metal

Side A

  1. Wasteland – 3:59
  2. Revenge – 7:02
  3. Bullets & Blades – 3:53
  4. Undead – 6:29 Show lyrics
  5. Merritt’s Girlfriend – 0:48

Side B

  1. Sudden Death – 5:00
  2. Wargasm – 9:17
  3. Le Cou Cou – 2:22
  4. Humanoid – 4:49


“Why Play Around?” 1988 Era Line-Up of Wagram (Not to be confused with the L7 song of the same name) was…

Barry Spillberg – Drums, Back-up Vocals
Rich Spillberg – Guitars, Back-up Vocals
Bob Mayo – Bass, Lead Vocals

Credits and Details

Barcode: 15151-1254-1
SKU: PRO-1254
Record Label: Profile Records
Barcode (Scanned): 015151125410
Rights Society: BMI

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Death – Leprosy LP 1988: Was It The Best Death Album?

death leprosy band photo

Leprosy is the second studio album by Tampa’s Death, released on August 12, 1988 on Combat Records. It is best known for the track “Pull the Plug“, which is about as close to a hit song as a band like death can get. Leprosy was much more progressive than the “Scream Bloody Gore” album. Much of this can be assigned to the engineering work of Scott Burns, who was the go-to thrash metal producer of the time.

The Many Early Death Line-Ups

The only constant thing about Death is a continually changing lineup. Each album has almost an entirely different group of players on it outside of founder Chuck Schuldiner. This album “featured” Terry Butler, who now plays bass, and Obituary but froze up in the studio actually didn’t play on the album. Chuck Schuldiner recorded his bass parts.

Many critics and fans alike consider Leprosy to be Death’s best album. Metal radio stations and even MTV played the song “Pull the Plug” relatively frequently (at least as extreme music goes). By the time the subsequent album “Spiritual Healing” was released, almost the entire band was replaced with a new group of players outside of Chuck Schuldiner,


“Leprosy” 6:19
“Born Dead” 3:25
“Forgotten Past” 4:33
“Left to Die” 4:35
“Pull the Plug” 4:25
“Open Casket” 4:53
“Primitive Ways” 4:33
“Choke on It” 5:54

Death leprosy line-up:

Chuck Schuldiner – guitar, bass, vocals
Rick Rozz – guitar
Bill Andrews – drums
Terry Butler – credited with bass but did not actually play on the album
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2 Sacred Reich Phil Rind in picture


If you are a Sacred Reich fan (like I am) then you already know the quintessential album is Ignorance. If fact. while we are at it, let’s get that one quick spin. My favorite song is “Death Squad: (especially the first riff) classic thrash metal!

  • Sacred Reich still tours in 2019
  • Phil Rind and Whiley are the only 2 original members
  • In 2019 the band fired longtime drummer Greg Hall.
  • Former drummer Greg McCain is in Machine Head
  • Sacred Riech is still sighed to Metal Blade Record
  • In 2020 Phil Rind blast all Trump supporters and demanded that all people that are right of center should stop liking his band –

“If you are part of the Trump cult feel free to unfollow. We couldn’t give a fuck.

“If you can’t see the white supremacy that permeates this country I suggest you open your eyes and take a hard look. Read the book ‘White Fragility’. But if you dont see it, it’s probably because you don’t want to. Maybe you should go listen to ‘One Nation’.”

He added in a follow-up message: “If you can’t see the difference between BLACK LIVES MATTER standing up for unarmed black people being shot by police for decades across this country and armed white nationalist domestic terrorists storming the Capitol to stop an election in support of a dumb, racist, lying President then by all means UNFOLLOW, UNLIKE, DON’T SUPPORT…WHATEVER.

Album Art From Follow Up EP Surf Nicurauga

Listen To The Full Ignorance Album

SURF NICARAGUA was all in all a decent album. It came out October 4, 1988 on Metal Blade. The EP. THE ALBUM contains a cover version of the Black Sabbath’s, “War Pigs”, which also appeared on the band’s next EP, Alive at the Dynamo in 1989, in live form. The song “Surf Nicaragua” contains a part from the song “Wipe Out” as well as the drum part from the Hawaii 5-0 theme song. The live tracks “Ignorance” and “Death Squad” were only supposed to be on the CD version, but due to a pressing error, they appeared on all formats. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Vio-Lence – Eternal Nightmare LP 1988 Mechanic Records – MCA-42187



Eternal Nightmare is the debut album by the San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal band Vio-lence. It was originally released in 1988 on MCA Records’ Mechanix sublabel.

“Vio-Lence” Band Photos 1987 / 1988


Band Line-Up:

Sean Killian – Vocals
Phil Demmel – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Robb Flynn – Guitars, Backing Vocals (MACHINE HEAD)
Deen Dell – Bass, Backing Vocals
Perry Strickland – Drums

The front cover artwork from Eternal Nightmare

1. “Eternal Nightmare” 6:10
2. “Serial Killer” 2:58
3. “Phobophobia” 6:31
4. “Calling in the Coroner” 3:55
5. “T.D.S. (Take It as You Will)” 5:04
6. “Bodies on Bodies” 5:47
7. “Kill on Command” 4:56

The 2005 re-release includes a bonus CD of the Thrash of the Titans concert (benefit for Testament singer Chuck Billy), recorded August 11, 2001.