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Sacrifice – Live At The Starwood Club Toronto Nov 23 1985 – RARE LP ALERT!


Toronto’s Sacrifice is definitely on my list of metal bands that should have been bigger. 1985’s “Torment in Fire” is the first wave black metal classic, and 1987’s “Forward To Termination” is a thrash metal classic that is easily on par or better than many of their peers from the Golden Age Of Metal. Despite playing the right kind of music at precisely the right time and quite well, mainstream success was in the cards for Sacrifice.

The band released a few more albums in the early 90s, then broke up and reformed in 2008, and is still active today.

Sacrifice in 2009

Newly released on Blessed Curse Recordings comes an excellent treat for a fan of this band. “Sacrifice – Live At The Starwood Club Toronto Nov 23, 1985” documents the band (as the title would suggest) — Sacrifice playing a live set very early in their career between the release of “Torment in Fire” and “Forward To Termination“.

New Live Album 2022

Sacrifice - Live At The Starwood Club Toronto Nov 23 1985

All of the songs are selections from “Torment In Fire” and are as follows:


Listen On Youtube

The recordings are rough and raw but are far from terrible. Unfortunately, there are only 500 copies of this album available, and they are hand-numbered, so grab one while you can.

Our store is now open, and you can grab a copy here.

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Mercyful Fate ‎– Black Message LP 1985 Evil Records – RARE / UNOFFICIAL


Black Message is an unofficial bootleg release that came out in 1986 on a German label. The first version of the album had a white label with no writing or information on it. Because of the unofficial nature of this release, it is blocked for sale on Discogs. You can find it on eBay and it usually costs around $400 for the black version. There is also a multicolor swirl version that was released in 1986. It usually sells for a higher price — but collectors like the black version better because it comes with a real sleeve.

Photos Of Record and Sleeve


A1 Curse Of The Pharaohs 4:09

A2 Shadow Night 7:05

A3 Black Message 4:23

A4 Evil 5:03

B1 Gypsy 3:09

B2 Into The Coven 5:21

B3 Welcome Princess Of Hell 5:20

B4 A Dangerous Meeting 6:20

Recording information.

Tracks 1 and 2 on side A were recorded in Denmark in Fall 1981. 

Tracks 3 on sides 1 to 2 and side B were recorded in Hilversum 21 January 1984. 

Tracks 3 and 4 on side B were recorded in Eindhoven on 19 January 1984. 

Black vinyl version.

Matrix / Runout (Side A): BLACK/A

Matrix / Runout (Side B): BLACK/B

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Killer New Golden Age Of Metal Vinyl Collection I Just Bought!

thrash metal vinyl collection

It’s really hard to find good heavy metal vinyl collections, this is a rare exception. I managed to pick this one up with someone in Pittsburgh who answered my ad seeking vinyl collections. I paid a pretty penny for this collection, but it’s well worth it as is all the vinyl is in near-mint condition and contains many HUGE TILES (most first press). Check out this video of the unboxing.

You could check out this page where I listed the contents of all these albums, they are from the golden age of metal circa 1984 to 1989. A lot of good thrash metal and some hard to find hair metal records.

Gallery Of Some Of The Best Records…

if you or anyone you know is looking to sell your heavy metal CDs or thrash, classic rock vinyl I am constantly looking to buy them, and I pay top dollar.

Click Here For More Info

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Some titles were added from the Golden Age of Extreme Metal 1981-1992 This list is not my list and was originally posted online (now deleted), and the years on the records were incorrectly labeled 1981-1985. This is why I reposted it here.

Abattoir “Vicious Attack” – Obscure but great speedmetal from the sunurbs of LA.

Accept “Restless & Wild” 


Agent Steel “Skeptics Apocalypse” 

Agent Steel “Mad Locust Rising” 

Anacrusis “Screams And Whispers” 

Angel Dust “Into The Dark Past” 

Angel Witch “Angel Witch” 

Angel Witch “Dr. Phibes” 

Annihilator “Alice In Hell” 

Anthrax “Fistful Of Metal” – This was a great album before the band got really thrashy and is very raw.

Anthrax “Armed And Dangerous” – Great EP.

Anthrax “Spreading The Disease” – Awesome combination of traditional heavy metal and thrash. One of the band’s best efforts.

Anthrax – Among The Living – From the 1986 crop of “Big 4” releases and considered by many to be Anthrax’s best.

Armored Saint “March of the Saint” 

Artillery “Fear Of Tomorrow” 

Artillery “Terror Squad” 

Artillery “By Inheritance” 

Atheist “Piece Of Time” 

Atheist “Unquestionable Presence” 

Attacker “Battle At Helm’s Deep”

Attacker “The Second Coming”

Bathory “Bathory” – Very raw and a classic for the black metal genre. The first copy has the Yellow Goat cover.


Bathory “The Return….

Bitch “Be My Slave”

Bitch “The Bitch Is Back” 

Black Death “Black Death”

Black Flag “Damaged”

Black Flag “My War”

Black Flag “Slip It In”

Black Flag “Live ’84”

Black Flag “Loose Nut”

Black Flag “In My Head”

Black Sabbath “Mob Rules” 

Blessed Death “Kill or Be Killed”

Blind Illusion Band Vinyl LP With Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde of Primus
Blind Illusion Band Vinyl LP With Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde of Primus

Blind Illusion “The Sane Asylum” 

Bloodlust “Guilty As Sin” 

Cacophony “Speed Metal Symphony” 

Candlemass “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” 

Candlemass “Nightfall” 

live pic - Celtic Frost morbid tales band photo

Celtic Frost “Morbid Tales” – This minialbum is best of breed and would set the pace for black and thrash bands for decades to come.

Celtic Frost “Emperor’s Return” 

Celtic Frost “The Mega Therion”

Celtic Frost “Into The Pandemonium” 

Chastain “Mystery of Illusion” 

Chastain “Ruler Of The Wasteland” 

Cirith Ungol “Frost And Fire” 

Cirith Ungol “King of The Dead” 

Crimson Glory “Crimson Glory” 

Coven “Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Destroys Souls”

Coven13 “Worship New Gods” 

Crytptic Slaughter “Convicted”

Culprit “Guilty As Charged” 

Cynic “Focus” 

Dark Age “Dark Age”

Dark Angel “Darkness Descends” 

Dark Angel “Leave Scars” 

Dark Angel “Time Does Not Heal” 

Darkness “Death Squad” 

Darkness “Defenders of Justice” 

Deaf Dealer “Keeper of The Flame” 

Deaf Dealer “Journey Into Fear” 

Death “Scream Bloody Gore” 

Death “Leprosy” 

Death “Spiritual Healing”

Death “Human” 

Death “Individual Thought Patterns” 

Death “Symbolic” 

Death Angel “The Ultra-Violence” 

Death Angel “Frolic Through The Park” 

Death Angel “Act III” 

Death Strike “Fuckin’ Death” 

destruction band photo 1985

Destruction “Infernal Overkill” 

Destructor “Maximum Destruction” 

 Détente “Recognize No Authority” 

Diamond Head “Lighting To The Nations” 

Diamond Head “Behold The Beginning” 

Discharge “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing” 

Dream Death “Journey Into Fear” 

Exciter “Heavy Metal Maniac”

Exciter “Violence And Force”

Exciter “Double Play Classic” CD Megaforce/ Caroline 

Exhorder “Slaughter In The Vatican” 

Exodus “A Lesson In Violence”

img_0589 exodus bonded by blood

Exodus “Bonded By Blood” – The only Exodus album that counts in my opinion. The only one to feature original singer Paul Paloff.

Exodus “Pleasures of The Flesh” 

Exodus “A Lesson In Violence” Ultimate Revenge Soundtrack plus March 1986 Demo With Paul Baloff

Exodus “Another Lesson In Violence”

Exorcist “Nighmare Theatre” 

Exumer “Possessed By Fire” 

Exumer “Rising By The Sea” 

Fates Warning “Night on Bröcken”

Marty Friedman “Dragon’s Kiss” 

Forbidden “Forbidden Evil” 

Forbidden “Twisted Into Form” 

Grave Digger “Heavy Metal Breakdown”

Grave Digger “Witch Killer” 

Hawaii “One Nation Underground” 

H-Bomb “Coup De Metal” 

H-Bomb “Attack” 

Hades “Resisting Success” 

Halloween “Don’t Metal With Evil” 

Halloween “No One Gets Out!” 

Halloween “No One Gets Out!” Molten Metal Records Version / “Vicious”

Hallows Eve “Tales Of Terror

Heathen “Breaking The Silence” 

Heathen “Victims of Deception”

Hellhammer “Apocalyptic Raids” 

Hellion “The Black Book”

Hirax “Raging Violence” 

Hirax “Not Dead Yet” CD

Holocaust “The Nightcomers” 

Holy Moses “The New Machine of Liechtenstein”

Ice Age “Breaking The Ice” 

Imagika “Imagika” 

Imagika “Worship” 

Imagika “And So It Burns” 

Infernäl Mäjesty “None Shall Defy” 

Infernäl Mäjesty “Unholier Than Thou”

Infernäl Mäjesty “One Who Points To Death” 

Insanity “Death After Death” 

Iron Maiden “Iron Maiden” 

Iron Maiden “Killers” 

Iron Maiden “The Number of the Beast” 

Jag Panzer “Ample Destruction” 

Jaguar “Power Games” 

Judas Priest “Hell Bent For Leather” 

Judas Priest “Unleashed In The East”

Judas Priest “British Steel” 

Judas Priest “Painkiller” 

King Diamond “Fatal Portrait” 

King Diamond “Abigail” 

King Diamond “Them”

Kreator “Endless Pain

Kreator thrash band 1984

Kreator “Pleasure To Kill” 

Liege Lord “Burn To My Touch” 

Liege Lord “Master Control”

Malediction “Condamnés”

Manowar “Battle Hymns” 

Manowar “Into Glory Ride” 

Manowar “Hail To England” 

Manowar “Sign Of The Hammer” 

Manowar “Kings Of Metal” 

Manowar “The Trimph of Steel” 

Manowar “Louder Than Hell” 

Manowar “Fighting The World” 

Manowar “Kings of Metal”

Massacre “From Beyond” 

Master “Master” 

Macbre “Gloom” 

Medieval “Cassette Album” 

Medieval “All Knobs To The Right” 

Medieval “Reign Of Terror” 

Medieval “Medieval Kills” 

Megadeth “Rust In Peace” 

Mercyful Fate “Mercyful Fate” 

Mercyful Fate “Melissa” 

Mercyful Fate “Don’t Break The Oath” 

Mercyful Fate “Live From The Depths of Hell” 

Mercyful Fate “Curse Of The Pharaohs” 

Mercyful Fate “The Beginning”  

Mercyful Fate “Return Of The Vampire” 

Mercyful Fate “In The Shadows”

Messiah Force “The Last Day” 

Metal Church “Metal Church” 

Metallica “No Life “Til Leather” 

Metallica “Kill ’em All” 

Metallica “Ride The Lighting” 

Metallica “Master of Puppets” 

Morbid Angel “Abominations Of Desolation” 

Morbid Angel “Altars of Madness” 

Morbid Angel “Blessed Are The Sick” 

Morbid Angel “Covenant” 

Morbid Angel “Domination” 

Morbid Angel “Entangled In Chaos” 

Mötley Crüe “Too Fast For Love” 

Mötley Crüe “Shout At The Devil”

Motörhead “Ace of Spades” 

Motörhead “No Sleep “Til Hammersmith” 

Motörhead “Iron Fist” 

Motorhead “Another Perfect Day” 

Motörhead “No Remorse”

Motörhead “Orgsamatron” 

Naplam Death “Harmony Corruption”

Naplam Death ” Utopia Banished”

Nasty Savage “Nasty Savage” 

Nasty Savage “Indulgence” 

Nightmare “Astral Deliverance” 

Nuclear Assault “Something Wicked” 

Obituary 2019 band photo
Obituary 2019

Obituary “Slowly We Rot” 

Obituary “Cause Of Death” 

Oblivion “Nemesis” 

Onslaught “The Force” 

Original Sin “Sin You Find You Out” 

Overkill “Feel The Fire” 

Ozzy Osbourne “Blizzard Of Ozz” 

Ozzy Osbourne “Diary of A Madman” 

Ozzy Osbourne “Tribute” 

Pagan Altar “Pagan Altar” 

Pagan Altar “Volume 1” 

Pagan Altar “Judgement of The Dead” 

Pantera “Power Metal” 

Pantera “Cowboys From Hell” 

Pantera “Vulgar Display of Power”

Pantera “Far Beyond Driven”

Pentagram “Pentagram” 

Pentagram “Day Of Reckoning”

Pentagram “Relentless” 

Pestilence “Mallevs Maleficarum”

Piledriver “Metal Inquisition”

Piledriver “Stay Ugly” 


Possessed “Seven Churches” 

Raven “All For One”

Raven “Live At The Inferno””

Razor “Exectuioner’s Song” 

Razor “Evil Invaders” 

Repulsion “Slaughter Of The Innocent” 

Replusion “Horrified” 

Riot “Fire Down Under” 

Riot “Thundersteel” 

Riot “Privilege of Power” 

Sabbat “History of A Time To Come” 


Sacrifice “Torment In Fire” 

Sacrifice “Forward To Termination” 

Sacrifice “Soldiers of Misfortune”  

Sacrifice “Apocalypse Inside” 

Satan “Into The Fire” 

Satan “Court In The Act” 

Savatage “Sirens” 

Scorpions “Taken By Force” 

Sentinel Beast “Depths of Death” 

Sepultura “Beneath The Remains” 

sepultura morbid visions band photo

Skullview “Kings Of The Universe” 

Slaughter “Strappado” 

Slauter Xstroyes “Winterkill” 

Slauter Xstroyes “Free The Beast” 

Slayer “Show No Mercy” 

Slayer “Haunting The Chapel” 

Slayer “Hell Awaits” 

Slayer “Reign In Blood” 

Slayer “South of Heaven” 

Slayer “Season In The Abyss”

Syris “Unseen Forces” 

Tank “Filth Hounds of Hades” 

Tank “Power Of The Hunter” 

Tank “This Means War” 

Testament “The Legacy” 

Tension “Breaking Point”

Terrorizer “World Downfall” 

The Gathering “Mandylion” 

The Gathering “Nighttime Birds” 

The Gathering “In Motion” DVD

Trouble “Live 1983” Cassette Album

Trouble “Psalms 9”

Trouble “The Skull” 

Trouble “Run To The Light” 

Tygers Of Pan Tang “WIld Cat” 

Tygers of Pan Tang “Spellbound” 

U.F.O “The Wild, The Willing, The Innocent” 

Unseen “Terror” 

Venom “Welcome To Hell” 

venom band black metal uk

Venom “Black Metal” 

Venom “At War With Satan” 

Vicious Rumors “Soldiers of the Night” 

Vicious Rumors “Digital Dictator” 

Vio-Lence “Eternal Nightmare” 

Voi Vod “War And Pain” 

W.A.S.P “Wasp” 

Warfare “Pure Filth” 

Warfare “Metal Anarchy” 

Warfare “Mayhem, Fuckin’ Mayhem

Warhead “Speedway” 

Warhead “The Day After” 

Warlock – “Triumph And Agony”

Watchtower “Energetic Disassembly” 

Watchtower “Control & Resistance” 

Witch Cross “Fit For Fight” 

Witchfinder General “Death Penalty” 

Witchfinder General” Friends From Hell”

Witchkiller “Day Of THe Saxons” 

Zoser Mez “Vizier Of Wastland” 

Do you have albums like this?


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Thrasher Magazine ‎- SKATE ROCK VOLUME 3 Wild Riders Of Boards Compilation


Rare Vinyl Alert: Thrasher Magazine ‎- SKATE ROCK VOLUME 3 Wild Riders Of Boards Compilation

You might now be old enough to remember, but back in 1985, Thrasher Magazine put out a series of compilation albums. They were die-cut like skateboards and featured up-and-coming punk and hardcore bands.

Here is the insert from Skate Rock V3…

To Find Out Where They Are Now Let’s First See Some History

Up Side (Side A)

  • A1 – Slam (18) – Wild Riders Of Boards
  • A2 – Boneless Ones – The Keg Kept A Flowin’
  • A3 – Christ On Parade – Don’t Draft Me
  • A4 – Septic Death – Thaw (Cold War)
  • A5 – Slam (18) – Jorden Den Ar Var
  • A6 – No Rules – The Fall
  • A7 – Christ On Parade – My Life
  • A8 – Beyond Possession – Skater’s Life

Down Side (Side B)

  • B1 – Septic Death – Burial
  • B2 – Corrosion Of Conformity – What?
  • B3 – Accused – Take No Prisoners
  • B4 – Beyond Possession – My Disease
  • B5 – Corrosion Of Conformity – Not For Me
  • B6 – Corrosion Of Conformity – Citizen
  • B7 – Accused – Splatter Rock
  • B8 – Accused – W.C.A.L.T.
  • B9 – Gang Green – Skate To Hell

Listen To The Accused “Splatter Rock” from the Album


Wild Riders Of Boards Arts from The Original Issue

Credits and Identifiers

This is the information courtesy of Discogs on this release.


Die-cut cover in the shape of a skateboard.
Poster inserts with band contacts, credits, and pictures included.

Some copies are pressed on green vinyl.

Listed as “Thrasher Magazine’s Skaterock Vol. Three – Wild Riders Of Boards” on the spine.

Mastering company uncredited, identified by the matrix etchings.
Matrix / Runout (Side A, hand-etched): Skaterock III – A B-22093 Kdisc SLM ∆ 10934 I-
Matrix / Runout (Side B, hand-etched): Skaterock III – B B-22094 Kdisc SLM ∆ 10934-X I-
Matrix / Runout (Side B, Allied Record Company stamped logo): ɑ

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Nuclear Assault – Game Over 1986 Combat Records

Game Over is the debut album by Nuclear Assault. Most fans consider it their best. Nuclear Assault came into being after Anthrax bassist Danny Lilker was fired from Anthrax because he wanted to pursue more aggressive forms of music. After recording a handful of demos and doing some heavy touring the band signed to Comat Records and released Game Over. The album received a lot of critical acclaims and is considered by many to be the band’s best album.

Nuclear Assault - Game Over ORIGINAL 1986 VINYL First Pressing Combat Records
Nuclear Assault – Game Over ORIGINAL 1986 VINYL First Pressing Combat Records

Listen On YouTube


  1. Live, Suffer, Die:
  2. Sin:
  3. Cold Steel:
  4. Betrayal:
  5. Radiation Sickness:
  6. Hang the Pope:
  7. After the Holocaust:
  8. Mr. Softee Theme:
  9. Stranded in Hell:
  10. Nuclear War:
  11. My America:
  12. Vengeance:
  13. Brain Death:


John Connelly – Guitar/Vocals
Anthony Bramante – Lead Guitar
Dan Lilker – Bass
Glenn Evans – Drums

Country: United States
Nuclear Assualt Is From New York City, New York
Formed in: 1984
Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date: October 7th, 1986 (Original), 1999 (Reissue)
Label: Combat (Original), Century Media Records (Reissue)
Recorded May 1986 at Pyramid Sound, Ithaca, New York
Produced by Alex Perialas and Nuclear Assault
Mastered by Tom Coyne

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W.A.S.P. The Last Command LP 1985 Capitol Records

wasp last command tour 1986

The last command was the second album from LA heavy metal shock rockers WASP and feature a more commecial sound than their debut.

Tracklist & Credits

A1 Wild Child

A2 Ballcrusher

A3 Fistful Of Diamonds

A4 Jack Action

A5 WidowMaker

B1 Blind In Texas

B2 Cries In The Night

B3 The Last Command

B4 Running Wild In The Streets

  • Drums, Vocals – Steve Riley
  • Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Chris Holmes 
  • Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Randy Piper
  • Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar – Blackie Lawless
w.a.s.p. the last command
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Misfits ‎- Misfits CD 1986 Plan 9 – PL9-CD1

Misfits ‎- Misfits CD 1986 Plan 9 - PL9-CD1

The original CD pressings were done in Japan and Austria. Since 1988 (when the album was reissued), pressings have been done in the US. This album was initially intended to be a CD-only release but was reissued after it was bootlegged onto LP. The CD format contains pictures not available in other formats.

The image on the back of the CD insert and record sleeve is a photograph of Glenn Danzig superimposed onto a reversed mirror-image photo of the Collection II album cover. Originally an untitled album, this release is now advertised as Collection I or Collections. The picture on the inside of the CD booklet is the distorted Beware cover photo that was used as a promotional band photo in 1979


1 She 1:22

2 Hollywood Babylon 2:20

3 Bullet 1:38

4 Horror Business 2:45

5 Teenagers From Mars 2:43

6 Night Of The Living Dead 1:57

7 Where Eagles Dare 2:08

8 Vampira 1:12

9 I Turned Into A Martian 1:43

10 Skulls 1:58

11 London Dungeon 2:34

12 Ghouls Night Out 1:57

13 Astro Zombies 2:11

14 Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? 2:01

15 Die, Die My Darling 3:09

16 Earth A.D. 2:09

17 Devilock 1:26

18 Death Comes Ripping 1:53

19 Green Hell 1:53

20 Wolfsblood 1:11