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Killer 80s Thrash Metal Record Collection I Bought From England


I decided to wait a bit to update this blog with some of my latest thrash metal finds. The collector I have been buying these from in England has been sending them to me in Los Angels 20 records at a time via DHL. Every deal I make is a bit different when I am buying heavy metal LP, CD, and cassette collections. Especially since the start of the pandemic, I have been doing all of my deals without even meeting the seller — all have been purchased generally via email. Payments are made to sellers via wire, cash, Venmo, or PayPal and I buy from all 50 states and countries all over the world.

Enough with the shop talk, let’s get on to these albums, and there are some great ones. This post is split into 3 videos with a list of LPs below. There are links to pages and blogs on this site that have more information about the artists and releases.

UK Thrash Metal LPs Video #1

These are the albums listed in the video above and came in the first box the collector in the UK sent me.

Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales   N 0017   

Helloween – Walls of Jericho  VG+/VG+  N 0032

King Diamond – Them  VG+/VG+  RR 9550 1   LTD Edition 12 Page Colour Booklet

King Diamond – Conspiracy  VG+/VG+  RR 9461-1

Kreator – Endless Pain  NM/NM  N 0025

Kreator – Out of the Dark….Into the Light  VG+/NM  NUK 118  EP

Megadeth – Killing is my Business….and Business is Good  VG+/VG+  MFN 46

Mekong Delta – Mekong Delta  VG+/VG+  Aaarrg 4

Mercyful Fate – The Beginning  VG+/VG+  RR 9603

Metal Church – Metal Church  VG/VG  08-1842

Metal Church – Blessing in Disguise  VG+/NM  960 817-1

Meliah Rage – Kill to Survive  VG/VG+  463257 1

Meliah Rage – Solitary Solitude  VG+/VG+  466675 1

Metallica – Horsemen of the Apokalypse  VG+/VG+  Northlake Records 

Metallica – The Final Gig  VG/VG+  MD 2690-1

Nasty Savage – Penetration Point  VG+/NM  RO 9418 1

Nuclear Assault – The Plague  VG/NM  M FLAG 13   EP

Possessed – Beyond the Gates  VG+/NM  Flag 3

Possessed – The Eyes of Horror  VG+/NM  M FLAG 16    EP

Rage – Execution Guaranteed  VG+/NM  N 0073

English Thrash Metal Albums Video #2

These are the vinyls listed in the video above and this is the second box I got from Europe.

Annihilator – Alice In Hell  VG/VG  RR 9488-1 – 25

Anthrax – State of Euphoria  VG/VG   ILPS 9916 – 25

Anthrax – Persistence of Time  VG/VG  ILPS 9967 – 20 – 70

Exodus – Pleasures of the Flesh  VG/VG  MFN 77 – 15 – 85

Exodus – Fabulous Disaster  VG/NM  MFN 90 – 20 – 105

Kreator – Coma of Souls  VG/NM  N 0158-1 – 25 – 130

Kreator – Extreme Aggression  VG/VG  N 0129-1 – 25 – 155

Kreator -Terrible Certainty  VG/NM  NOISE 086 – 25 – 180

Megadeth – Peace Sells …But Who’s Buying  VG/VG  EST 2022 – 15 195

Megadeth – So Far, So Good…So What!  VG/VG  EST 2053 – 25 – 220

Onslaught – In Search of Sanity  VG/NM  828 142-1 – 10 230

Overkill – Under the Influence  VG/NM  781 865-1 – 25 255

Overkill – The Years of Decay  VG/NM  782 045 -1 – 35 290

Overkill – Horrorscope  VG/NM  7567-82283-1 – 35 325

Rage – Secrets in a Weird World  VG/VG  N0137-1 – 10 335

Savage Steel – Begins With a Nightmare  VG/NM  U.S. 7 – 10 345

Tankard – Zombie Attack  VG/NM  N 0046 – 20 – 365

Venom Welcome To Hell  G/VG NEAT 1002 – 20 – 385

Venom – Official Bootleg Live  NM/NM  APK 12 – 10 395

Venom – At War With Satan  VG/VG  NEAT 1015 – 20 – 415

Venom – Possessed  VG/VG  NEAT 1024 – 15 – 430

Venom – Calm Before the Storm  VG/NM  MOMENT 115 – 15 445

Venom – Prime Evil  VG/NM  FLAG 36 – 15 460

Speed Kills 3 – A Catalogue of Destruction  VG/VG  FLAG 17  – 7 467

Thrash Metal LPs From England Video #3

These are the thrash metal albums listed in this third video of heavy metal LPs I imported from Europe

Anthrax – Spreading The Disease PIC DISC  VG  MFN 62 P

Anthrax – Attack of the Killer B’s  VG/VG   ILPS 9980  848 804-1

Exodus – Bonded by Blood  VG/VG  MFN 44

Metallica – Creeping Death Garage Days Revisited  PIC DISC  VG  P12 KUT 112

Metallica – Creeping Death Garage Days Revisited  BLUE VINYL  G/VG  CV 12 KUT 112

Metallica – The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days RE-RE VISITED  VG/VG  METAL 112

Metallica – And Justice For All  VG/G  VERH 61

M.O.D. – U.S.A. For M.O.D.  VG/VG  N 0089   + POSTER

Mordred – Fool’s Game  VG/VG  N 0135-1

Mordred – In This Life  VG/VG  N 0159-1

Slayer – Reign In Blood  G/VG  GHS 24131

Slayer – South of Heaven  VG/VG  LONLP 6

Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss  VG/G  846 871-1

Suicidal Tendencies – Suicidal Tendencies  VG/VG  V2495   + POSTER

Suicidal Tendencies – Join the Army  VG/VG  V2424   + POSTER

Suicidal Tendencies – How will I laugh Tomorrow …  VG/G  V2551

Suicidal Tendencies – Lights Camera Action  VG/VG  466569 1

Suicidal Tendencies – The Art of Rebellion  VG/VG  471885 1

Testament – The Legacy  VG/VG  781 741-1

Testament – The New Order  VG/VG  781 849-1

Testament – Practise What You Preach  G/VG  782 009-1

Voivod – Killing Technology  VG/VG  N 0058

Voivod – Dimension Hatross  G/VG  N 0106-1

Voivod – Nothing Face  VG/VG  MCG 6070

Photo Gallery Of This Collection

Have Some Heavy Metal Albums Like This To Sell?

I am the number one buyer in the world for heavy metal albums, have a large budget to work with, and am professional and easy to deal with. If you have a collection like this you would like to sell, contact me here because I am always looking to buy.

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Killer Old School Thrash Metal Vinyl Collection From Europe

Kreator ‎– Pleasure To Kill LP 1986 Noise ‎– N 0037 Germany

This is a cool little collection of old school thrash metal I just bought from a collector in Europe – included are..


Thrash Metal LP List

Blind Guardian – Tales From the Twilight World  VG+/VG  NRR 1014

King Diamond – Speed Metal Symphony  VG+/VG+  RR 9577

Death Angel – Frolic Through the Park  VG+/VG+ ENVLP 502

Exodus – Impact is Imminent  NM/NM  EST 2125

Flotsam and Jetsam – No Place For Disgrace  VG+/VG+  RR 9549 1

Heathen – Victims of Deception  VG+/NM  RO 9331-1

Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1  VG+/VG+  N 0057

Hydra Vein – Rather Death Than False of Faith  VG+/NM  OTH 12

Hydra Vein – After the Dream  VG+/NM  CMO 193

King Diamond – The Eye  VG+/NM  RR 9346 1

KreatorPleasure to Kill  G/VG+  N0037

Living Death – Vengeance of Hell  VG+/VG+  SKULL 8360

Mortal Sin – Face of Despair  VG+/NM  836 370-1

Nuclear Assault – Survive  NM/NM  FLAG 21

Overkill Feel the Fire  NM/NM  MRI 1469

Prong – Beg to Differ  NM/NM  466375 1

Rage – Perfect Man  VG+/VG+  N 0112-1

Tankard – Chemical Invasion  VG+/VG+  N 0096

Wrathchild America – Climbin’ the Walls  VG+/NM  781 889-1

Xentrix – Shattered Existence  VG+/NM  RO 9444 1

Have A Thrash Metal Collection Like This You’d Like To Sell?

The collector has a large collection, but only wants to part with it a little at a time, which is fine by me other than having to pay all of the additional shipping. I buy a heavy metal CD and vinyl collections all over the world. If you have a collection like this to sell get hold of me here…

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Amazing First Press Heavy / Thrash Metal Album Collection I Bought From England

mercyful fate melissa

This is a cool little thrash and heavy metal collection (see unboxing video above) that I just bought from a private collector in England. This is not the first collection I have purchased from this individual and while it isn’t the biggest thrash metal collection I ever bought, it consists of twenty awesome albums from the golden age of heavy metal and are as follows…

Thrash / Heavy Metal LP List

Apocalypse – Apocalypse  VG/VG+  Flag23 

Blind Illusion – The Sane Asylum VG+/VG+  Flag18 – Pre-Primus project featuring Les Claypool.

Coroner – No More Color  VG/VG  N 0138-1

Death Angel – The Ultra Violence VG+/VG+  Flag 14

Flotsam and Jetsom – Doomsday for the Deceiver  VG+/VG+  RR 9683

Heathen – Breaking the Silence VG/VG  MFN 75

Holy Terror –  Terror and Submission  VG+VG+  Flag 10

Holy Terror – Mindwars  VG+/VG+  Flag 25

King Diamond - Fatal Portrait

King Diamond – Fatal Portrait  VG+/VG  RR 9721

King Diamond – Abigail  VG+/VG  RR 9622

mercyful fate the oath

Mercyful Fate – Dont Break the Oath  VG+/VG  MFN-28

Mercyful Fate – Melissa  VG+/VG+  MFN 10

Mortal Sin – Mayhemic Destruction  VG+/VG+  AJLP1016 Import

Nuclear Assualt – Game Over  VG+/VG+  Flag 5

Overkill – Taking Over  VG+/VG+  781 735-1

Sabbat – History of a Time to Come  VG/VG+  N 0098 

Sabbat – Dreamweaver  VG+/VG+  N 0132-1

Sacred Reich - Ignorance

Sacred Reich – Ignorance VG+/VG+ RR 9578

Voivod – War and Pain  VG+/VG  RR 9825

Voivod – RRROOOAAARRR  VG+/VG+  N 0040 

Have A Heavy Metal Collection Like This You’d Like To Sell?

If you have a collection like this I am always looking to buy them. I am located in Los Angeles buy I buy collections all over the United States and all over the world – hit me up if you have one like this – here is my contact information.

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Killer New First Press UK Thrash Metal Collection I Just Bought


In the video and listed below on this post is a thrash metal vinyl collection I just bought from a guy in the United Kingdom. All of these are LPs first pressing from the 1980s and 1990s. Since the start of COVID-19, I have more frequently been buying collections without ever meeting the actual owner, at times never even talking to them. Instead, the deals are all worked out over email. So far, so good. All of the transactions have gone off without a hitch.

Here is a video of all of the awesome LPs I picked up on this awesome deal.


Here are some photos of some of my favorite LPs from this haul. One of my favorites is the cult classic “History Of A Time To Come” by Sabbat. The 2 Bolt Thrower “Warmaster” and “Realms Of Chaos” are both excellent and very hard to find as well. The rarest and expensive album is the first press Sadus “Illusions” album that is self-released. I’m sure how many copies of that were pressed, but it wasn’t very many. It was later reissued as “Chemical Exposure” by Roadracer Records (also included in this collection). Also great was the Metallica “Ride The Lightning” 1987 reissue limited edition DMM master – super rare…I’ve never even had one of these before.

List OF All Titles


Bolt-thrower      In Battle there is no law. (LC7871)

 Warmaster. (MOSH29)

 Realm of Chaos (MOSH13)

D.R.I.                  4 of a kind. (RR95381)

Death Angel      The Ultra Violence. (FLAG14)

Exodus              Fabulous Disaster. (MFN90)

Megadeth          So Far, So Good, So What? (EST2053)

Metallica            Master of Puppets (MFN60) (THIS IS THE LP).                        

                            Master of Puppets.(MFN60DM) (2 x 12”)   

                            Ride the Lightning.(MFN27DM)

Napalm Death    From enslavement to obliteration (MOSH8)

                            Harmony Corruption (MOSH1925)

                            Scum (MOSH3)

Nuclear Assault  Handle With Care. (FLAG35)

                            Out of Order. (FLAG64)


Obituary              The End Complete. (RC9201)

Paradise Lost     Gothic  (RED VINYL) – (VILE26)

S.O.D.                  Speak English or Die. (RR9725)

Sabbat.                Dreamweaver.                 

                             History of a time to come  08-445516

   Mourning has broken.       NO162-1

Sadus.                 Illusions.(DTP2112)

                             Chemical Exposure (R09259)

Slayer.                 Hell Awaits (RR9795)

                             Live undead (RR9574)

                             Reign In Blood (LONLP34)

                             Relentless (NB3359) (black vinyl – this has never been                                                                           opened it’s still sealed in. The cellophane cover)

                             Show No Mercy (RR9868)

                             South of Heaven (LONLP63)

Testament.          Return of the Apocalyptic City (075678248719)

Venom.                Possessed (MX8022)

                              Prime Evil (FLAG36)

                              Tear Your Soul Apart (MFLA950) 

Various.               Speed Kills, But Who’s Dying? (FLAG33)



12” W.A.S.P. – ANIMAL 

W.A.S.P. – W.A.S.P. (EJ240195)






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Anthrax – Fistful Of Metal LP 1984 Roadrunner Records ‎RR 9873


“Fistful of Metal” was the first album by New York-based thrash metal band Anthrax and the only one to feature original singer Neil Turbin and original bass played Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault, SOD, Brutal Truth). It was released in 1984 on Megaforce Records in the US and Music For Nations / Roadracer in Europe.

Full Album Vinyl Rip

I ripped this version from vinyl myself.

Fistful Of Metal Artwork


A1 Deathrider 3:30
A2 Metal Thrashing Mad 2:39
A3 I’m Eighteen 4:02
A4 Panic 3:58
A5 Subjugator 4:38
B1 Soldiers Of Metal 2:55
B2 Death From Above 5:06
B3 Anthrax 3:24
B4 Across The River 1:26
B5 Howling Furies 3:55


Bass Guitar – Dan Lilker*
Drums – Charlie Benante
Engineer [Assistant] – Alex Perialas
Executive-Producer – Jon Zazula
Lead Guitar – Dan Spitz
Producer – Carl Canedy
Rhythm Guitar – Scott Ian
Vocals – Neil Turbin

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Sabbat – History Of A Time To Come LP 1987 Noise International ‎– N 0098

Sabbat – History Of A Time To Come LP 1987 Noise International ‎– N 0098

History of a Time to Come is the debut full-length album by the British thrash metal band Sabbat. Sabbat signed to Noise Records in late 1986 but was not allowed to execute the contract until their youngest member (Andy Sneap) turned 18.

History Of A Time To Come was recorded in Germany in 1987. The album never was an underground success and became a cult classic, but it never propelled the band anywhere near the heights reached by many other metal acts in the late 80s thrash heyday. Instead, the lyrics focused on themes of witchery and satanism.

The standout track is “For Those Who Died” which was later covered by the English black metal band Cradle Of Filth.

The band features guitarist Andy Sneap, who is in formative years has become a prolific heavy metal producer and engineer who has worked with Testament, Ronnie James Dio, Megadeth, and Accept. Andy is currently a member of Judas Priest.

Sabbat – History Of A Time To Come LP 1987 Noise ‎– N 0098 (FULL ALBUM VINYL RIP)

“History Of A Time To Come” Album Artwork


Andy Sneap and Martin Walkyier wrote all songs. 

  1. “Intro” – 2:00
  2. “A Cautionary Tale” – 4:15
  3. “Hosanna in Excelsis” – 4:00
  4. “Behind the Crooked Cross” – 6:00
  5. “Horned Is the Hunter” – 8:08
  6. “I for an Eye” – 5:22
  7. “For Those Who Died” – 6:25
  8. “A Dead Man’s Robe” – 4:48
  9. “The Church Bizarre” – 5:07

Sabbat Line Up

  • Martin Walkyier – vocals
  • Andy Sneap – lead guitar
  • Frazer Craske – bass
  • Simon Negus – drums
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Great Heavy Metal / Classic Rock Collection I Bought Locally In Los Angeles

Obituary ‎– Cause Of Death LP 2010 Cargo Records ‎– RRCAR 8767-1

The video above is a collection I bought locally in Los Angeles from a girl whose boyfriend had gone back to Canada and didn’t return for many months. I paid a fair price for this collection, but got a way better deal that I would normally get buying from a collector that was trying to cash in (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

The average condition was a long way from near mint and was an average of “very good”. It was a mix of classic rock, hard rock, thrash metal, and punk.

Some of the standouts in the collection included:

Samhain ‎– November-Coming-Fire LP – 1986 Plan 9 ‎– PL9-07 VG/VG – this was an actual first press, it was difficult to tell with reading the runout matrix which is.

Matrix / Runout (A-side etchings): PL-9-07-A -Pa.1-86
Matrix / Runout (B-side etchings): PL-9-07-B -Pa.1-86 
Matrix / Runout (Stamped on both sides, EDP is circled): MASTERED BY TRUTONE EDP
Matrix / Runout (A-side label): PL9-07-A
Matrix / Runout (B-side label): PL9-07-B

Autopsy ‎– Severed Survival LP 1989 Peaceville ‎– VILE 12 United Kingdom VG/VG – very rare – one of the first albums to come out on Peacevillle Records (1989) – which didn’t get on the map as a big underground label until the 1990s/

Autopsy ‎– Severed Survival LP 1989 Peaceville ‎– VILE 12

Black Flag ‎– Damaged LP 1981 SST Records ‎– 9502 w/ Anti-Parent Sticker

AC/DC ‎– Powerage LP 1978 Atlantic ‎– KSD 19180 CANADA *Red Translucent Vinyl VG

Metallica ‎– Master Of Puppets LP 1986 Elektra ‎– 96 04391 VG/VG Canada

Turbonegro ‎– Scandinavian Leather LP 2003 Epitaph ‎– 82031-1 VG/VG

Metallica ‎– Kill ‘Em All LP 1988 Elektra ‎– 96 07661 CANADA VG/VG

Deicide ‎– Deicide LP 2010 Cargo Records ‎– RRCAR 8744-1 GERMANY VG+/EX

Misfits ‎– Misfits LP 1988 Plan 9 ‎– PL9-09 VG/VG

Kiss ‎– Kiss LP 1974 Casablanca ‎– NB 9001 ‎VG/VG 1st Press Blue Label – with the alternate track list without “Kissin’ Time” – which was added on the 2nd pressing because the record company didn’t feel like there was “a hit”.

Obituary ‎– Cause Of Death LP 2010 Cargo Records ‎– RRCAR 8767-1 EUROPE VG/VG

Obituary ‎– Cause Of Death LP 2010 Cargo Records ‎– RRCAR 8767-1

Cannibal Corpse ‎– Eaten Back To Life LP 2015 Back On Black ‎BOBV140LP Blue VG+

Death ‎– Spiritual Healing LP 1990 Under One Flag ‎– FLAG 38 VG/VG UK

Do You Have A Collection Like This You Would Like To Sell?

There were also a large mix of more common classic rock albums that were great none-the-less!

If you have a collection like this I am always looking to buy, it doesn’t matter what state or country you live in – but if you are in LA we can meet locally, hit me up — I’d love to meet you and give you some money for your collection!

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Great New Mini Collection Of Thrash Vinyl I Just Bought From Europe

Sodom – In The Sign Of Evil LP 1985 Devil's Game – DG-Nr. 001 Germany

People often ask me if I can buy record collections in Europe and the answer is “Yes, I Can.” This is a small collection of just 20 albums I brought from a collector in Europe and consists of the following:

Septic Death – Gore Story Yellow Vinyl VG+/VG+ Lost and Found Records
Septic Death – Now That I Have The Attention What Do I Do With It VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve Pusmort 0012-01D
E-X-E Stricken by Might VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sheet Axis LP 2
Sodom – Agent Orange VG+/VG+ Gatefold Sleeve Inner Lyric Sleeve SPV 08-7596
Dark Angel – Leave Scars VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve Flag 30
Misfits Earth – A.D./Wolfsblood VG+/VG+ Silver Label AG 0024
Mercyful Fate – Curse of the Pharaohs VG/VG+ Satans Nightmare SN 1001
Paradox – Heresy VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve SPV 08 – 7870 RO 9506 1
Realm – Endless War VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve RO 9509 1
Defiance – Product of Society VG+/VG+ RO 9504 1
Amulance – Feel the Pain VG+/VG+ SPV 08-9805
Bathory – Under the Sign of the Black Mark VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve Flag 11
Artillery – Terror Squad VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve Neat 1038
Onslaught – Power From Hell VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve Flag 7
Morbid Angel – Alters of Madness VG/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve Mosh11
Onslaught – The Force VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve Flag 1
Deathrow – Raging Steel VG+/VG+ N 0081
Whiplash – Power and Pain VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve RR 9718
Whiplash – Ticket to Mayhem VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sleeve RR 9596
Whiplash – Insult to Injury VG+/VG+ Inner Lyric Sheet RR 9482

While doing deals in Europe is slightly more complex than domestic deal they can be done all the same. The last few have been done by email only. This buy stated simply from the guy sending me the list above and this message, “Hi Jason, I’m in the UK and have a number of albums I am looking to sell. Please get in touch so we can discuss what I have to sell.”

The original owner sent me the photos below and I paid him via Paypal.

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Rare 80s Thrash Metal Vinyl Collection I Just Bought From Europe

This is a killer super-rare vinyl collection I just bought from a guy in Europe. The original owner contacted me through my blog, and we exchanged emails over a few weeks. It took a bit to get comfortable with wiring thousand of dollars overseas to someone I didn’t know, but I buy heavy metal record and CD collections all the time, and I’ve never had an issue.

The embed video is a walkthru of everything included in this epic thrash metal collection, which consisted of 177 albums. Included, were about 15 of them were non-thrash guitar nerd albums, so I removed them to stick to the thrash for this video.

Video Walkthru

Photo Gallery

Below is a photo gallery of some of the standouts, although most of them were pretty epic. The vinyl was at worst VG+ and quite a bit isEX / NM. The original owner stored all of these albums in protective sleeves, so the album jacket quality is impressive, 95% being VG+ to NM.

Unboxing Video

We filmed this video as I unboxed the album collection for the first time when it first arrived from Belgium

So mush suspense!

List Of Titles

I had a good idea of what titles were included in this collection, although to be honest, I was not 100% sure either! The original owner never compiled a list. He hand-wrote lists of the titles in this collection of paper and then emailed me photos. (see below)

Slayer ‎– Reign In Blood LP 1986 Def Jam Recordings ‎– 924 131-1 – Europe EX/EX

Metallica ‎– …And Justice For All LP 1988 Vertigo ‎– 836 062-1 EX/EX Holland

Metallica ‎– Ride The Lightning LP 1984 Roadrunner ‎– RR 9848 EX/VG+ Europe

Metallica ‎– Kill ‘Em All LP 1983 Roadrunner Records ‎– RR 9902 VG+/EX Netherlands

Metallica ‎– Metallica LP 1991 Vertigo ‎– 510 022-1 UK EX/EX

Metallica ‎– Master Of Puppets 2x LP Music For Nations ‎– MFN 60 DM EX/EX UK – Limited Edition Europe, 2x $% RPM – direct metal mastering


Have a collection like this you are looking to sell? Contact me, I pay a lot of money for collections like this.


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Killer New Golden Age Of Metal Vinyl Collection I Just Bought!

thrash metal vinyl collection

It’s really hard to find good heavy metal vinyl collections, this is a rare exception. I managed to pick this one up with someone in Pittsburgh who answered my ad seeking vinyl collections. I paid a pretty penny for this collection, but it’s well worth it as is all the vinyl is in near-mint condition and contained many HUGE TILES (most first press). Check out this video of the unboxing.

You could check out this page where I listed the contents of all these albums, they are from the golden age of metal circa 1984 to 1989. A lot of good thrash metal and some hard to find hair metal records.

Gallery Of Some Of The Best Records…

if you or anyone you know is looking to sell your heavy metal CDs or thrash, classic rock vinyl I am constantly looking to buy them and I pay top dollar.

Click Here For More Info