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DEATH Leprosy 1988 USA Vinyl LP Combat Records

death leprosy


Leprosy is the second studio album by Tampa’s Death, released on August 12, 1988, on Combat Records fancy gatefold Vinyl. It is best known for the track “Pull the Plug“, which is about as close to a hit song as a bandlike death can get. Leprosy was much more progressive than the “Zombie Ritual” album. Much of this can be assigned to the engineering work of Scott Burn who was the go-to thrash metal producer of the time.

The only constant thing about death is you can count on a continually changing lineup. Each album has almost an entirely different group of players on it outside of founder Chuck Schuldiner. This album featured Terry Butler who now plays bass and Obituary but didn’t actually play on the album.

Many critics and fans alike consider Leprosy to be Death’s best album. Many metal radio stations and even MTV played the song “Pull the Plug” in a relatively frequent rotation (at least as extreme music goes).
By the time the subsequent album “Spiritual Healing” was released almost the entire band was replaced with a new group of players outside of Chuck Schuldiner,


“Leprosy” 6:19
“Born Dead” 3:25
“Forgotten Past” 4:33
“Left to Die” 4:35
“Pull the Plug” 4:25
“Open Casket” 4:53
“Primitive Ways” 4:33
“Choke on It” 5:54

Death leprosy line-up:

Chuck Schuldiner – guitar, bass, vocals
Rick Rozz – guitar
Bill Andrews – drums
Terry Butler – credited with bass but did not actually play on the album


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The Heaviest Album Of All Time Is Obituary’s “Slowly We Rot” 1989 – that is a fact.

obituary slowly we rot

Why Slowly We Rot Is Metal That Rips Your Head Off

Slowly We Rot” by Tampa Florida by Tampa Florida death metal band Obituary is the heaviest album of all time. That isn’t just my opinion that is a fact. That isn’t just my opinion that is a fact.

What makes the album even more intense is the band does not rely on “down tuning.” The play in E 440 concert pitch, but it sure doesn’t sound like it!

Rhythm guitar player, Trevor Perez, is known for omitting the high end entirely on his guitar. This leads to his signature guitar sound that is often imitated but never duplicated but is but never duplicated. However, it’s worth noting, Trevor’s tone is reminiscent to Tom G Warrior and in Celtic Frost in some ways.

Listen To Slowly We Rot On Youtube

The guys in the band were barely 18; the album was produced for a budget of $4000! It’s hard to believe that’s such an epic slab of metal that’s such a monumental slab of metal that stands the test of time could’ve been produced in 1989 under the circumstances!

In April 2010, Obituary started to take a shot at new material for their ninth studio collection “Inked in Blood,” when bassist Frank Watkins died from cancer on October 18, 2015.

Obituary is still touring and have Terry Butler handling bass duties from legendary Florida Death.

Look for them on tour with Slayer and 2019! Better yet, pick up “Slowly We Rot” on eBay here.