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Possessed (Bay Area Thrash / Death Metal Band) Classic Album – Seven Churches


Everything You Wanted To Know About The Band Possessed, but Were Afraid To Ask!

Possessed is a thrash/death metal band formed in 1983 in San Fransico. They are widely credited with inventing the term “Death Metal”. The band’s classic album is “Seven Churches” came out in 1985. Their subsequent albums, “Eyes Of Horror” and “Beyond The Gatesare also quite good.

Some Interesting Possessessed Facts:

Rather than regurgitating info on their Wikipedia page, here are some interesting facts you probably don’t know:

  • Metal Blade Records passed on Possessed (even they appeared on Metal Massacre). Combat Records would later sign the band.
  • Guitarist Larry Lalonde (who played on all three albums) went on to be the guitarist for Primus. Larry met Les Claypool in Blind Illusion, not long after Primus was formed.
  • Possessed is credited by many for coining the term death metal, which is a song on 7 Churches.
  • Jeff Becerra’s guttural vocal style is considered the first “death metal vocals” – which would later become a staple for bands like Obituary.
  • The “Eyes Of Horror” LP was produced by guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani.
  • Singer Jeff Becerra was shot in a robbery in 1989 and paralyzed for life.
  • Jeff Becerra still performs under the name “Possessed” as the sole original member. On stage, he sings in a wheelchair.
  • Larry Lalonde has been a staunch vegetarian since 1983.

Listen To The Full “7 Churches” Album Here On Youtube


7 Churches Artwork and Logo

Seven Churches Tracklist


 The Exorcist – 4:50
Pentagram – 3:32
Burning In Hell – 3:07
Evil Warriors – 3:43
Seven Churches – 3:16
Satan’s Curse – 4:12
Holy Hell – 4:10
Twisted Minds – 5:10
Fallen Angel – 3:58
Death Metal – 3:12

Throwback 1985 (JEFF HANNEMAN & P) 

Possessed Line-Up

Jeff Becerra − vocals, bass
Larry LaLonde − guitar (also the guitarist for Primus)
Mike Torrao − guitar
Mike Sus − drums


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ONSLAUGHT – Power From Hell LP 1985 (Combat Records)

onslaught power from hell lp


UK-based thrash metal band Onslaught original release “Power From Hell” had a hard-core punk sound as compared to their follow-up in 1987 “The Force“. this was mainly due to the more guttural vocal sound of original singer Paul Mahoney. In late 1985, Paul Mahoney was replaced by Sy Keeler joined the band as the new lead singer. The released “The Force” in 1986. The band has a much more Slayer-influenced sound than the early Discharge sounding material.

Listen To “Power From Hell” Full Album For Free


Sy Keeler’s vocal style was more akin to Rob Alford — a typical high-pitched 80’s singing style popular in 1985. That is why fans and critics alike consider “Power from Hell” to be superior to any of the band subsequent work band’s subsequent work.

The Death Metal Controversy

The Power From Hell LP was released in February 1985. It is disputed whether Onslaught or Possessed (San Fransisco) coined the term “Death Metal.” Onslaught had a demo ‘Death Metal’ in 1984, Possessed has a song of the same name a Seven Churches.

Reunion In 2006

In 2005 the band reformed and continues to release albums and play shows sporadically, mostly at metal festivals in Europe

ONSLAUGHT – Power From Hell 1985 Vinyl LP Thrash Metal ORIGINAL PRESSING Combat

Side A – Death

  1. Damnation – 0:36
  2. Onslaught (Power from Hell) – 4:48
  3. Thermonuclear Devastation – 1:31
  4. Skullcrusher I – 4:39
  5. Lord of Evil – 7:07
  6. Death Metal 3:42

Side B – Metal

  1. Angels of Death – 3:21
  2. The Devil’s Legion – 4:07
  3. Steel Meets Steel – 3:55
  4. Skullcrusher II – 3:46
  5. Witch Hunt – 3:45
  6. Mighty Empress – 0:58

Total Playing Time – 42:15

Onslaught Line-Up

Paul “Mo” Mahoney – Vocals
Nige Rockett – Vocals, Guitars
Jase Stallard – Bass
Steve Grice – Drums

Power From Hell Release Info

Label: Combat Records
Licensed From – Under One Flag
Copyright (c) – Under One Flag
Distributed By – Important Record Distributors, Inc.
Recorded At – AVM Studios

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The 12 Best Funny Heavy Metal MEMES Of All Time

black metal Olympics heavy metal meme

It’s time to lighten the mood on this blog, while still keeping it heavy! I’m talking about heavy-metal MEMES! Here are the top 12 that we know of right now! This post is constantly updated with the MEME pictures so check back once in a while!!

Like Funny Metal MEMES? Let’s get started at #1….

1. The Cannibal Corpse MEME

Hilarious yet morbid, featuring Cannibal Corpse

You have to have somewhat of a morbid sense of humor true appreciate that one but it gave me a laugh!

Next up?

2. Death Metal Dating

The picture could’ve been better, but I’ve been here before,

Heavy metal isn’t known for hot chicks. I can understand how dating some girl who claims to like death metal is: I’ve been there before. LOL

3. Even Though Your Dad’s and Slayer: Your Teenage Daughter Still Thinks You Are Lame.

Tom Araya and his family at the Grammys!

I absolutely love this one, The look on (Slayer Bassist / Vocalist) Tom Araya’s daughter’s face is priceless daughters is priceless. It’s no wonder this MEME made so many rounds on social media!

4. The Black Sabbath MEME

I think the the bottom frame speaks for itself

Black Sabbath while far from being in all unknown band never got the level of respect that the Beatles for Led Zeppelin I was being British rock royalty.

I doubt they care!

5. The Faces of Death Metal MEME

A Pun On “Faces Of Meth”

On this one, or you have to understand the reference. It is a lampoon on the documentary “Faces Of Meth” which chronicles what people look like before and after methamphetamine use. As you can see, death metal as a gateway drug to court paint and just for a less harmless.

6. Death Metal Gardening

Death Metal Gardening MEME

7. Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King at McDonalds

Classic metal meme with Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King chomping some burgers before a show. You may be metal, but not half as much Slayer’s guitar team.

8. Heavy Metal Politics Meme

9. Vic Rattlehead vs 5 Finger Fruitpunch

10. The Metallica “St. Anger Drum Sound” MEME

11. King Diamond Nuns Have No Fun

12. Megadeth Fans vs Metallica Fans vs Iron Maiden Fans

I had to include this one just because you know it is true!!

That’s All For Now

Sometimes it’s tough to be brutal when your mom wants you to work in the yard! You might smear your corpse paint!

That’s all for now, check back later when we publish our next list.

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Obituary – Inked in Blood: Double Album 2014 Red Vinyl (RARE 500 Pressed) NEW!

Jason quinlan / traver Perez

Inked In Blood One Of The Best Newer Obituary Releases

Inked in Blood is the ninth studio album by American death metal band Obituary. It was crowdfunded via Kickstarter and then released on October 28th, 2014 through Gibtown Music/Relapse Records. It is the first studio album with bassist Terry Butler and lead guitarist Kenny Andrews, making this the first Obituary album not to feature Frank Watkins on bass since 1989‘s Slowly We Rot. A deluxe edition of the album was also released containing two bonus tracks. It is their first album to appear on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 5,200 copies in its first week and peaking at 79


All lyrics written by John Tardy; all music composed by Trevor Peres and Donald Tardy.

No. Title Length

1. “Centuries of Lies” 2:08
2. “Violent by Nature” 4:33
3. “Pain Inside” 4:36
4. “Visions in My Head” 4:14
5. “Back on Top” 4:30
6. “Violence” 2:06
7. “Inked in Blood” 4:13
8. “Deny You” 4:49
9. “Within a Dying Breed” 5:36
10. “Minds of the World” 3:24
11. “Out of Blood” 3:19
12 .”Paralyzed with Fear” 5:38

Total length: 49:11 (SOURCE WIKIPEDIA)