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My name is Jason Quinlan, I am a lifetime heavy metal fan, musician, quazi-Internet marketer, and thrash metal enthusiast. I am the author of this blog.

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If anybody has heavy metal vinyl (more specifically thrash metal vinyl) hit me up. I pay a VERY FAIR amount of CASH! I’m also interested in rock, classic rock, hard rock or hair metal — thrash metal, death metal, and black metal – I’ll pay the most for. I buy whole collections (big and small) – way easier than getting ripped on craigslist or eBay. I’ve taken a lot of lumps in the last few years and have a chance to get back on my feet.

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The Last Few years, I’ve Fallen on Rough Times

I was the victim of a crooked frivolous lawsuit that left me penniless. At the age of 48, I was on the precipice of moving home in with my parents. As a last-ditch effort, I started selling off my massive heavy metal collection. This was something I really didn’t want to do, but I started making enough money to not be homeless.

People have told me that I was a virtual Wikipedia about anything heavy metal related. Screw those guys on VH1. I could “Stump The Trump” any day. I started to sell my collection, even though I was parting with it physically, I started to keep a Digital record of it, and hence created this blog.

The old artwork, vinyl and spirit of 80’s thrash in it’s heyday, should be preserved from a fans perspective, In my opinion at least

Just Another Day At The Beach With Jeff Hannema

This Blog Is A Work In Progress

This site is a work in progress. Every day, I go through a different blog post and try to add some interesting facts that can’t be found in Wikipedia or heavy-metal magazines.

I starte by posting some the album art, but as time goes on I will populate each post with some interesting facts like you can see in everything you Everything You Wanted to Know About Bathory But Were Afraid To Ask or Everything You Wanted to Know Hell Awaits but Were Afraid to Ask.

A lot of the posts are just placeholders are just placeholders, that will be filled with content as I find time. I know that’s not the way you’re supposed to make a blog but fuck it! Who cares?

How Do I Know All Of This Stuff?

Jason quinlan / traver Perez
Me And Trevor From Obituary

I have been a touring musician since the age of 18 and no a lot of people in these bands and for whatever reason, I have virtually of photographic memory virtually of all things music.