I Buy Black and Death Metal CDS: Want To Sell Yours? Here Is A Typical Deal

Do you have a ton of black, death, or heavy metal CDs you know are worth something but are tired of moving from place to place? Have you inherited a bunch of extreme metal CDs you are unfamiliar with and would like to turn into money? If your answer to either of these questions is “yes” I have a solution.

If you want to get the most for your collection, you can sell them peice-by-peice as fixed-price listings on eBay. Unfortunately, this process is tedious, time-consuming, has a steep learning curve (try reading a few of these band logos, LOL), and can take years to complete. As a result, many will never sell, and you will still be stuck lugging them around.

You can take them to a local music store or sell them locally on Craigslist but expect to get lowballed.

Or, you can contact me for a quote, and we can get it done no matter where you are in the world or what state you live in. I buy CD collections of all sizes; no collection is too big, small, or expensive.

How Do We Get This Going?

The best way to start is to send me some photos of the spines of your CDs like this:


Get a count of how many CDs there are. You don’t have to go crazy taking pictures of every CD; the goal is not to make this too much work. Also, I need a general idea of the condition, but I’ve found most heavy metal fans take good care of their stuff, so this usually isn’t a problem. Also, it’s helpful to know the years the CDs were purchased, but not totally necessary because I can get all the info by reading the catalog numbers on the spines. I’m an experienced buyer and won’t waste your time. You can text or email me the photos (I prefer email).

Once I have this info, I will get back to you with a quote within a few days. I pay more than any local record store or craigslist offer. We can move to the next step if you are happy with the offer.


I will pay you in full via Paypal as “Goods and Services” before you send the CDs. There are other ways to do this, but Paypal is by far the best because it acts as an escrow between the buyer and seller.


In 99.99% of all transactions, as the buyer, I pick up all of the shipping charges. The best way to send the CDs is by USPS Media Mail. It’s a service from USPS for shipping books, records, CDs, etc. CDs weigh 4 OZ a piece, and 4 make a pound, so take the number of CDs and divide by four to calculate the weight. USPS media mail has a weight limit of 70 pounds. Contact me for more detailed shipping instructions; I’m always glad to help.


Here are some frequently asked questions I get:

Do I have to use PayPal?

No, other arrangements can be made, but PayPal is preferred.

Do you only buy extreme metal?

I buy all sub-genres of heavy metal, from glam to grindcore.

Do you buy internationally?

Yes, I buy from all countries.

Will you PayPal me money as a friend?

No, that is the biggest scam on the internet.

Do I have to be in California?

No, most deals I do are with people out of state.

Do you buy punk rock CDs?

Absolutely, I love punk and hardcore.

Want To Move Forward?

Contact me at or call or text at 310-666-6996! You can find more information here as well or visit our contact page.

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