I Buy Black Metal CDS: Want To Sell Yours? Here Is A Typical Deal

You might have read my other post about how I Buy Heavy Metal CDS and Albums. Here is a typical deal I completed from this past weekend. I was contacted on the Feb 12th by a guy in New Mexico who had a box of death and black metal CDS he has inherited and was looking to sell.

Without disclosing any personal information here is the gmail thread that set the deal in motion:

How The Deal Got Started…

He said there were a total of 180 CDS total and explained that quite a few of them were messed up or had missing discs, but would send me everything and let me sort through it. I asked him to send some pictures and he did.

Pictures Of The CD Collection…

Money Paid For CDS!!

On the 13th, I offered him 250$ and would pay shipping. He accepted. By Friday the 14th he had them on the way to me and confirmed the tracking numbers. A total of 312$ was placed into a PayPal escrow.

CDS Received

On Sunday the 14th, the boxes showed up. Out of 180 CDs, there were quite a few with missing discs, we’re way too scratched or had other issues. For all of there ones that were messed up, there were some awesome ones, such as signed Venom CDS, Bathory, very rare Burzum CDS, Dissection, Carcass, Death, Slayer, Emperor, Darkthrone and muck more (most was Black Metal). Even with all of the messed up CDS I had enough great rare ones were, I could make my money back with a small profit after a few months.

Everyone Leaves Happy

This was a great deal for both parties. For me, because I had some great rare metal CDS to sell and for him, because he could just cash in and walk away without waiting months for the items to sell, dealing with customers, returns, or shipping piece-by-piece (this will be the subject of a future blog post).

Want A Deal Like This?

This is just an example of a small deal, but as you can see from the screenshot above, everyone walked away happy! No deal is to big or small. Contact me jqmediala@gmail.com or call of text 310-666-6996! You can find more information here as well.

Want To Sell Your Metal Records Or CDS? I Pay More Than Anyone!

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