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CIRITH UNGOL “ONE FOOT IN HELL” – Awesome Album Covers Don’t Make You The Next Iron Maiden!

MBR 1062 Cirith Ungle One Foot In Hell

Cirith Ungol A Metal Band That Could Have Been Big: Why Didn’t They Remain Obscure?

Cirith Ungol was lucky and hailed Ventura, California which was home to Metal Blade Records in 1988. If you’re like me, you might remember the old days, (before the Internet) when you made decisions about what albums you were going to buy by the artwork. That is how I accidentally bought a lot of Molly Hatchet and Nazareth albums.


Such is the case with Cirith Ungol. Now that I listen to it, it’s actually pretty good. At the time, I only like really heavy thrash or black metal bands. Hands the recent resurgence in the popularity of this Cirith Ungol! Listen for yourself, but first for a few facts.

Cirth Ungol Where Are They Now?

  • The band broke up in 1992, citing frustrations with their record label.
  • In 2001, Metal Blade released in “Germany Servants of Chaos”, a compilation of unreleased demos and live songs.
  • Founding guitarist Jerry Fogle died from liver failure on August 20, 1998. RIP
  • Lindstrom now plays with Falcon, who perform some Cirith Ungol songs

One Foot In Hell Album Artwork and Sleeve


“Blood & Iron” – 3:52
“Chaos Descends” – 4:55
“The Fire” – 3:37
“Nadsokor” – 4:43
“100 MPH” (Cirith Ungol, Greg Lindstrom) – 3:26
“War Eternal” – 5:12
“Doomed Planet” – 4:38
“One Foot in Hell” – 5:10

MBR 1062
RESTLESS 72143-1

Cirth Ungol Band Photo From The 1980

Cirith Ungol Line-Up 1988 On One Foot In Hell

Tim Baker – vocals
Jerry Fogle – guitars
Michael Vujea – bass
Robert Garven – drums

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Metal Massacre 5 1984 Featuring Hellhammer, Voivod, Overkill, Metal Church, Fates Warning

metal massacre v (5)

Metal Massacre V 1984 by Metal Blade Records

Metal Massacre V (Metal Massacre 5) came out in 1984. Original Pressing ( MBR 1021) marks the first recordings of Hellhammer, Voivod, Overkill, Metal Church, Fates Warning, Omen, and more.

Metal Massacre Vinyl and Art

Metal Massacre 5 Bands and Tracklist:


“Torture Me” – Omen – 3:26
“Condemned to the Gallows” – Voivod – 5:09
“Call on the Attacker” – Attacker – 3:35
“Nightmare” – Future Tense – 3:50
“Death Rider” – Overkill – 3:52
“Soldier Boy” – Fates Warning – 6:20


“The Brave” – Metal Church – 4:27
“Destroyer” – Lethyl Synn – 3:27
“The Warrior” – Final Warning – 3:49
“Crucifixion” – Hellhammer – 2:50
“Marching Saprophytes” – Mace – 4:07
“End of Time” – Jesters of Destiny – 3:20


Metal Massacre Bands: Where Are They Now?

Several huge metal bands have had their debuts on the Metal Massacre compilations from Metal Blade Records, perhaps most notably Metallica who have their name misspelled on Metal Massacre 1. Early on they featured “hair bands” like RATT until Metal Blade became the go-to record label for thrash metal and started working with better bands like Cryptic Slaughter, Slayer and Hirax.

Mettallica or Metallica? - Mispelling on Metal Massacre 1
Mettallica or Metallica? – Misspelling on Metal Massacre 1

Metal Massacre Graduates

ABOUT: Metal Massacre was started1981 Brian Slagel, founder of Metal Blade Records, decided to put out a compilation of unsigned, underground metal bands. Throughout the ’80s and early ’90s, he continued to release more volumes of the collections. Metal Massacre XII was released in 1995 and was the final Metal Massacre album until Metal Massacre XIII, released 11 years later in 2006. (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)