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Atlanta Metal Band Hallows Eve – Where Are They Now?

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Hollows Eve was a thrash metal band from Atlanta, Georgia. They first became known for the “Metal Merchants” song on Metal Massacre. Their debut, “Tales Of Terror” on Metal Blade, gained them a cult following. The follow-up albums Death and Insanity and Monument were solid thrash albums (in my opinion) but failed to gain the band any traction. “Monument” is now out-of-print.

Hallows Eve: Another Great Metal Band That Never Went Big – What Happened To Them?

How did that happen?

tales of terror

Some Hallows Eve Facts You Might Not Know

  • On the Tales of Terror album, the band was a five-piece, with t with two guitar players one being Steve “Skullator” Shoemaker.
  • Skullator left the band after the Tales of Terroralbum because of creative differences. He was more into black metal.
  • The last live appearance monument era Hollow’s Eve ever made was for The Skullator’s benefit. In 1991 Steven was shot in a robbery attempt in Atlanta. Though struck in the head, Steven lived and now wears an eye patch.
  • Stacy Anderson performed in a band called DIN post-hollows Eve. He now owns a stump removal service in the Atlanta area.
  • Guitarist “David Stewart” is a successful photographer in the Atlanta area. Post Hollows Eve Post, he was in a band with two rappers named Urban Grind.
  • Tommy Stewart drives a taxi in the Atlanta area.
  • Police briefly investigated Tommy Stewart after the death of his wife. No charges were ever filed.
  • Hallows Eve tried to reform with Ex-Rigot Mortis vocalist Doyle Bright. They announced a “comeback”, but nothing ever happened.
  • Steve “Skullator” Shoemaker was the only one who stayed active in music. He put together a black metal band called Wormreich. Tragedy struck again — returning to Atlanta after their first tour, the van driver fell asleep, causing the van to swerve off the road, killing 2 and injuring 12. Stephen was critically injured. Now, like fellow musician Jeff Becerra, is confined to a wheelchair.
  • James Murphy played guitar in Hallows Eve briefly. He initially turned down Chuck’s offer to join Death, but was talked into accepting it by David Stuart.
  • Metal Blade has reissued most of the band’s early catalog and continues to sell to this day.

Listen To Hallows Eve Full Albums

Monument 1989

Death and Insanity (1986)

Tales of Terror (1985)

Tales of Terror Artwork and Sleeve

This album is frequently bootlegged. This is what the original first pressing artwork looks like.

All Hallows Eve Songs

Tales of Terron Track List:

1. Plunging to Megadeath
2. Outer Limits
3. Horrorshow
4. The Mansion
5. There Are No Rules
6. Valley of the Dolls
7. Metal Merchants
8. Hallows Eve-with Routine

Death And Insanity

  1. Death and Insanity
  2. Goblet of Gore
  3. Lethal Tendencies
  4. Obituary
  5. Plea of the Aged
  6. Suicide
  7. D.I.E. (Death in Effect)
  8. Attack of the Iguana
  9. Nefarious
  10. Nobody Lives Forever
  11. Death and Insanity (Reprise)

Monument Album Art

A List Of Everyone That Has Played In Hallows Eve

Hallows Eve

Stacy Andersen– Vocals (all albums)
David Stuart-Guitar (all album)
Skullator-Guitar ( first album only)
Tommy Stewart- (all albums)
Drums Tym Helton-Drums


Side A

Speed Freak
Sheer Heart Attack
Rot Gut
Monument (To Nothing)

Side B

Pain Killer
The Mighty Decibel
The Righteous Ones
No Sanctuary

Hallows Eve Line-Up 1985

Vocals – Stacy Anderson
Bass, Backing Vocals – Tommy Stewart
Drums, Backing Vocals – Rob Clayton
Guitar, Backing Vocals – David Stuart

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