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What Happened to The Thrash Metal Band Heathen? (Breaking The Silence)

heathen band 1987

Just the other day, I was wondering what happened to the San Fransisco thrash metal band Heathen. So after spinning a copy of Breaking The Silence, I decided to find out. It seemed that Heathen has being groomed for success. They were in the right place at the right time (in the Golden Era of thrash metal), they got on all the suitable tours, had big-name rock producers (Ronny Montrose) producing them, and even seemed to be getting a push from the record company?

Breaking The Silence Full Album

So what happened? Why did thrash metal success elude Heathen?

I was aware that the only two albums were Breaking the Silence (1987) and Victims of Deception (1991). Victims came out right as the thrash metal scene was wiped out by grunge, but Breaking the Silence had a small amount of airplay and even a video for the Sweet cover “Set Me Free” in rotation on Headbangers Ball.

During the “Breaking” heyday of the band, they were plagued with lineup changes, which led to the long period between their first two records. Guitarist (and absolute shedder) Lee Atlus was the only stable member during that time.

Victim Of Deception Full Album

In 2005 Lee Atlus replaced Rick Hunolt on guitar in Exodus, which he still plays with to this day.

Reunions 2009 / 2020

In 2009 the band reunited and released The Evolution Of Chaos. Heathen toured for a few months before again being hit with more lineup changes, which lead to further inactivity.

In 2020, Heathen reformed again and released Empire Of The Blind, though the band is skeptical about how much they will be able to tour to support the album due to the glut of bands wanting to get on the road after COVID.

I hope that brings your up to date!

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Killer New Golden Age Of Metal Vinyl Collection I Just Bought!

thrash metal vinyl collection

It’s really hard to find good heavy metal vinyl collections, this is a rare exception. I managed to pick this one up with someone in Pittsburgh who answered my ad seeking vinyl collections. I paid a pretty penny for this collection, but it’s well worth it as is all the vinyl is in near-mint condition and contains many HUGE TILES (most first press). Check out this video of the unboxing.

You could check out this page where I listed the contents of all these albums, they are from the golden age of metal circa 1984 to 1989. A lot of good thrash metal and some hard to find hair metal records.

Gallery Of Some Of The Best Records…

if you or anyone you know is looking to sell your heavy metal CDs or thrash, classic rock vinyl I am constantly looking to buy them, and I pay top dollar.

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Misfits – Evilive Vinyl 1987 Caroline/Plan 9 Featuring Henry Rollins

misfits ebilive

Misfits ‎– Evilive
Label: Plan 9 ‎– PL9-08, Caroline Records ‎– PL9-08
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1987
Genre: Punk
Style: Hardcore, Punk

Glenn Danzig – vocals
Doyle – guitar
Jerry Only – bass guitar, backing vocals
Arthur Googy – drums

Additional musicians
Henry Rollins – backing vocals on “We Are 138”

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Sacrifice – Forward To Termination LP 1987


“Forward To Termination” is a thrash metal classic that is easily on par or better than many of their peers from the Golden Age Of Metal. Despite playing the right kind of music at precisely the right time and quite well, mainstream success was in the cards for Sacrifice.


Forward To Termination
Terror Strikes
Flames Of Armageddon
The Entity
Forever Enslaved
Light Of The End
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S.O.D. – Speak English or Die (30th Anniversary Edition) – Could This Album Still Come Out in 2023?


S.O.D. was pretty politically incorrect. Do you think this album could even come out in 2023?

Watch this video from their amazing reunion show in Tokyo while you think that over…

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Voivod – Killing Technology 1987 Combat Records

VOIVOD - Voi vod band photo 1987

Killing Technology is the third studio album by Canadian heavy metal band Voivod. It was released in 1987 on noise Noise Records and was the first to combine elements of progressive rock in the band’s thrash metal sound. According to interviews contemporary to the release of Killing Technology, by 1986, Voivod was more influenced by hardcore punk and crossover bands than by other metal bands, with only Kreator and Motörhead still appreciated by all band members. A music video was made for the song “Ravenous Medicine”. Estimated sales are more than 60,000 copies worldwide. (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)


Track listing

Killing Side

“Killing Technology” – 7:33
“Overreaction” – 4:45
“Tornado” – 6:02

Ravenous Side

“Forgotten in Space” – 6:10
“Ravenous Medicine” – 4:33
“Order of the Blackguards” – 4:28
“This Is Not an Exercise” – 6:18
Cassette and CD edition bonus tracks
“Too Scared to Scream” – 4:14
“Cockroaches” – 3:40

Voivod Killing Technology 1987 Combat Vinyl LP

Voivod Was

Snake (Denis Bélanger) – vocals
Piggy (Denis D’Amour) – guitar
Blacky (Jean-Yves Thériault) – bass,
Away (Michel Langevin) – drums

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MOD (Method of Destruction) USA for MOD Vinyl 1987

mod with billy minalo photo 1

While Stormtroopers of Death were recording their debut album, Speak English or Die, tentative plans were made for a follow-up titled U.S.A. for S.O.D.. When the band did not release an immediate follow-up, M.O.D. used the title instead. (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)





“Aren’t You Hungry?” (Charlie Benante, Scott Ian, Danny Lilker, Billy Milano) – 3:25
“Get a Real Job” – 2:10
“I Executioner” – 2:31
“Don’t Feed the Bears” – 1:03
“Ballad of Dio” – 0:11
“Thrash or be Thrashed” – 0:51
“Let Me Out” – 1:39
“Bubble Butt” (Benante, Ian, Lilker, Milano) – 0:43
“You’re Beat” – 2:15
“Bushwackateas” (Benante, Ian, Lilker, Milano) – 0:19
“Man of Your Dreams” – 3:40
“That Noise” – 0:13
“Dead Men/Most/Captain Crunch” – 3:30
“Jim Gordon” (Benante, Ian, Lilker, Milano) – 2:39
“Imported Society” – 1:46
“Spandex Enormity” – 5:27
“Short But Sweet” – 0:06
“Parents” – 1:39
“Confusion”/”You’re X’ed” – 2:48 (written by The Faith)
“A.I.D.S.” – 2:00
“Ruptured Nuptuals” – 0:13
“Ode to Harry” – 1:31
“Hate Tank” – 2:20


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Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark LP 1987

Quorthon from Bathory

Under the Sign of the Black Mark is the third studio album by Swedish extreme metal band Bathory. It was recorded in September 1986 and released on 11 May 1987 through New Renaissance Records and Under One Flag. It was a key album in the development of the black metal genre,and greatly influenced the Norwegian black metal scene that emerged in the early 1990s. (Source: Wikipedia)




  1. 00:00 Nocternal Obeisance
  2. 01:27 Massacre
  3. 04:05 Woman of Dark Desires
  4. 08:09 Call From The Grave
  5. 13:04 Equimanthorn
  6. 16:46 Enter The Eternal Fire
  7. 23:45 Chariots of Fire
  8. 26:29 13 Candles
  9. 31:44 Of Doom…
  10. 35:34 Outro


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OVERKILL – TAKING OVER 1987 – Thrash Metal New Jersey!

overkill band 1980s old school thrash metal

Overkill’s First Journey Into “Major Label Success”

Taking Over is the second album by Overkill. It was released in 1987 on Atlantic/Megaforce in the US and Noise International in Europe. The album is Overkill’s last with drummer Rat Skates. He left the band in 1987 and was replaced by Sid Falck. Taking Over was the first major label release on Atlantic. Overkill remained on Atlantic up to W.F.O. (1994).

Some Fun “Taking Over” Facts

  • It was Overkill’s first release to chart, reaching position 191 on the Billboard 200, and included classics like “Wrecking Crew” and “In Union We Stand” which still played at nearly every Overkill show.
  • Rat Skates decided to leave the band shortly after touring to support the album, citing several creative differences.
  • Bob “Sid” Falck, a former member of Paul Dianno’s band, would replace him. The band stopped touring and only played locally around New Jersey and New York. They also began to wring new material together.

Original Artwork and Bootlegging

Because of the popularity of this release, it is highly bootlegged on eBay, Discogs, and other online marketplaces. I have provided for you refernce some pictures of what the original Megaforce artwork should look like.

Listen To The Full Album On YouTube

No. | Title | Length

1. “Deny the Cross” 4:43
2. “Wrecking Crew” 4:32
3. “Fear His Name” 5:24
4. “Use Your Head” 4:19
5. “Fatal if Swallowed” 6:45
6. “Powersurge” 4:36
7. “In Union We Stand” 4:26
8. “Electro-Violence” 3:45
9. “Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues)” 7:07

Total length: 45:37