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Agent Steel LP – Unstoppable Force LP (1986)


Unstoppable Force is the second album from the US speed metal band Agent Steel. It was recorded at Morrisound Recording Studios in Tampa, Florida, in March 1986.

Combat Records released the album in March 1987. The 1999 reissue by Century Media Records is a compilation of the Mad Locust Rising EP. Some later reissues exclude the cover version of the Judas Priest song “The Ripper”. Unstoppable Force was the last album before the band split up in 1988, only to reform in 1998 without John Cyriis and his consent for the release of the 1999 album Omega Conspiracy. Source: Wikipedia

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Side A

1.”Unstoppable Force”3:52
2.”Never Surrender”3:52
4.”Chosen to Stay”4:46
5.”Still Searchin'”

Side B

7.”The Day at Guyana” (Instrumental)6:38
8.”Nothin’ Left”4:23

Total length:39:10

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