Want To Sell Your Metal Records Or CDS? I Pay More Than Anyone!

If you want to sell your heavy metal records or CDS: I pay more than anyone! I deal almost exclusively in metal, so it’s worth more to me. If you have a stack of metal records in decent condition, you might be pleased to find out they are worth more than you would expect!

Why Do I Pay More Than Anyone Else?

I buy metal, thrash, grindcore, hard rock, NWOBHM, punk, hardcore, glam metal, classic rock, pretty much every metal sub-genre! I also pay very high prices for quality record and CD collections. I will put more money in your pocket in less time than going through the process of selling collection piece-by-piece!

I will be honest with you: Selling a large metal collection online is a full-time job! Do you know how I know that? Selling metal CDS and vinyl is my full-time job! I sell so much metal, I always have a lot of records for sale and am not just worried about recouping money on just one collection. Sometimes it takes forever to find a buyer for even the coolest/rarest album or CD!

buying metal cds and lps- Want To Sell Your Metal Records Or CDS? I Pay More

Want To Sell Your Records and CDS for Good Money Without Getting Ripped Off?

Please contact me:



You can also send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. For the fastest response and quickest money in your pocket text and call me 310-666-6996.

I will expand upon this post soon, but you get the point for now!

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