Want To Sell Your Metal Records Or CDS? I Pay More Than Anyone!

Want To Sell Your Metal Records Or CDS? I Pay More Than Anyone!

Do you want to sell your heavy metal records or CDS? Are you tired of moving them? Just need some extra cash? I pay more than anyone because I deal exclusively in metal! Metal is worth the most to me! If you have a stack of metal records or CDS in decent condition — you will be pleased to find they are most likely worth more than you’d expect!

Why Do I Pay More For Metal Than Anyone?

I buy metal, thrash, grindcore, hard rock, NWOBHM, punk, hardcore, glam metal, classic rock, and almost every metal sub-genre! I also pay very high prices for quality CD collections and will put more money in your pocket in less time than you could sell them piece-by-piece!

Selling a large metal collection (or any collection) is a full-time job! How do I know? Selling metal CDS and vinyl is my full-time job! As a professional seller, I always have a lot of records for sale, so I’m not worried about recouping money right away, which is another reason I can offer more. Sometimes it takes forever to find a buyer for even the rarest album! 

buying metal cds and lps- Want To Sell Your Metal Records Or CDS? I Pay More

Want To Sell Your Records and CDS for Good Money Without Getting Ripped Off?

Want a competitive offer, far beyond anything a record store, record dealer, or Craigslist? Here is my contact info; feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Please contact me:


Email: jqmediala@gmail.com

List of Your Options When Looking To Sell

You have to decide where and how to unload your records piece by piece. Let’s look at your options. I will start at the worst and move to the best.

  • Your Local Record Store (If You Have One) – These businesses only want a fraction of your awesome records for a fraction of the price and will leave you stuck with the rest! Bring a collection to your local record store for genuine disappointment! You will soon regret the decision.
  • Sell To A “Record Dealer” – This is essentially the same thing as selling to a record store (maybe worse!). Who are record dealers? They are guys you’ve probably seen ads in your local paper or Craigslist saying “We Buy Record Collections” – unlike record stores, they might buy everything if you are willing to sell for an average of .50 cents to 2$ for great records! If you want to make someone else rich from your collection – this is the way to do it! Avoid!
  • List them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace – This is better than a record store or dealer. If you list them for sale on Craigslist, only sell them in one lot. Do not attempt to piece them out! You can get more than from a record store or dealers, but the awesome records will sell, and you will still be stuck with the rest.
  • Discogs – You could decide to sell on Discogs.com; it is a huge record market. The problem with Discogs is it doesn’t have the traffic of Amazon or eBay and will take forever, plus the prices are generally lower.
  • Amazon – While Amazon would be great, copyright laws and the fact that Amazon pushes the Prime streaming memberships make it an unfriendly place for physical media.
  • Sell Them On eBay (My Choice) – If you want to get the most for your records, selling them on eBay is the way to do it. I’ll be honest; it’s what I do. However, I can’t stress this enough: IT’S A PAIN IN THE NECK! Selling on eBay is a part-time to full-time job and has a high learning curve. Not to mention that eBay is loaded with scammers, fees, returns, and more. These are even worse if you are brand new to the market. You will get the most for your collection, but it is by far the most work and takes time to master.
  • SELL THEM TO ME – Unlike record stores, I am not just looking to buy your best and leave the rest — I want all of it and will not insult you with low-ball offers!

What Is An Example Of A Typical Deal?

One of the main questions I get is, “can we do a deal if we live in different states” and the answer is YES! Working with out-of-state buyers is 90% of my business! I even have made things work internationally. I have never had a single problem doing either!

Here are five examples…

1. My biggest purchase to date was from a private collector in Los Angeles. He had an extensive collection of almost 500 punk rock and metal LPs. Since this was local, I was allowed to appraise it person, which took a few days. I wound up paying him a total of $67,000. The next day, I came over with one of my employees, and we boxed up and moved the entire thing for him. – DONE!

2. On the East Coast, a guy hit me up about selling a private collection of about 250 excellent speed metal records. He sent me a list and some photos and gave me a general idea of the condition (most were near mint) – I spoke with him on the phone a few times, and we worked out a price. Let’s say I paid his rent for a few months. I sent him a PayPal, and he added a tracking number. You can see the collection in the video at the top of this post. – DONE!

3. A guy in Belgium contacted me about buying an extensive collection of super-rare vinyl. It was such a high-dollar collection I would have traveled to Belgium to pick them up but could not because of COVID restrictions. So instead, we did the whole deal over email (we never even talked on the phone once) – I wired him the money, he sent me a tracking number. You can see the results in the YouTube video in the second video from the top of this post. – DONE!

4. A woman in Canada inherited an extensive collection of black metal and death metal CDS. She contacted me with over 2000 to sell. Unfortunately, she didn’t know much about the type of music. The seller gave me a rough count, and I made her a generous offer. She accepted. I wired money to Canada, and she mailed them via UPS to me.– DONE!

5. Someone had an extensive collection of thrash LPS they were selling locally. They had some great first press LPS, so I offered $1000 for all 120 (which breaks down to just under 10$ per record. They accepted, I went over to their house and picked them up and paid the 1000$ in cash – DONE!

6. Here is an example of a typical deal in detail – here is one from a small collection of black metal CDS I just purchased. – DONE!

Metallica ‎– Ride The Lightning LP 1984 1st Press Megaforce 12

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Have To Be In LA? No, these transactions happen most often online, especially since COVID. However, I am willing to travel anywhere for large collections if that makes you more comfortable. 
  • Can Everything Be Done Online? – Yes, post-COVID, this is how 95% of purchases happen.
  • Do You Do Business in Outside The United States? Yes, I do business worldwide. 
  • Does Condition Matter?– Yes, it matters a lot, so it’s a good idea to get at least a working knowledge of the Goldmine standards. They can be somewhat confusing; for example, “Very Good” means average. As a rule, I’m only looking to buy “very good” (or VG) or better.
  • Do You Pay Cash – Yes, when I can pick them up myself. I also can pay via Paypal, international wire, and Venmo.
  • What Type Of Records Or CDS are worth the Most: The genres worth the most are black metal, thrash metal, and grindcore, though this isn’t absolute. Punk, hardcore, NWOBHM, classic rock, hard rock, and glam all are good too. As a general rule, releases on smaller labels (thus available in less quantity) are worth more. There are exceptions, such as a first pressing Master Of Puppets etc.
  • How Do I Find Out What My Records Are Worth? – Most people (including myself) use Discogs. While the prices on the site only reflect what has sold on Discogs and are not gospel, but will give you a ballpark idea. If you want to find out what they are worth on eBay, you can search for a title with the “Sold” box checked on the side.

Are You Still Confused?

Contact me for a free, no-hassle / not-pushy consultation, and let’s see if we can make a deal!


Please contact me:


Email: jqmediala@gmail.com

You can also send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. For the fastest response text and call me at 310-666-6996.

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