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DEATH – Leprosy LP 1988 Combat Records – 88561-8248-1

death leprosy band photo

Death Leprosy Track List

Leprosy and is the 2nd and considered by some the most important album by the band death.


A1 Leprosy 6:19

A2 Born Dead 3:25

A3 Forgotten Past 4:33

A4 Left To Die 4:35

B1 Pull The Plug 4:25

B2 Open Casket 4:53

B3 Primitive Ways 4:20

B4 Choke On It 5:54


  • Bass – Terry Butler (credited but did not actually play on album, bass played by Chuck)
  • Drums – Bill Andrews
  • Guitar – Chuck Schuldiner, Rick Rozz
  • Vocals – Chuck Schuldiner

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