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Nuclear Assault – Game Over 1986 Combat Records

Game Over is the debut album by Nuclear Assault. Most fans consider it their best. Nuclear Assault came into being after Anthrax bassist Danny Lilker was fired from Anthrax because he wanted to pursue more aggressive forms of music. After recording a handful of demos and doing some heavy touring the band signed to Comat Records and released Game Over. The album received a lot of critical acclaims and is considered by many to be the band’s best album.

Nuclear Assault - Game Over ORIGINAL 1986 VINYL First Pressing Combat Records
Nuclear Assault – Game Over ORIGINAL 1986 VINYL First Pressing Combat Records

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  1. Live, Suffer, Die:
  2. Sin:
  3. Cold Steel:
  4. Betrayal:
  5. Radiation Sickness:
  6. Hang the Pope:
  7. After the Holocaust:
  8. Mr. Softee Theme:
  9. Stranded in Hell:
  10. Nuclear War:
  11. My America:
  12. Vengeance:
  13. Brain Death:


John Connelly – Guitar/Vocals
Anthony Bramante – Lead Guitar
Dan Lilker – Bass
Glenn Evans – Drums

Country: United States
Nuclear Assualt Is From New York City, New York
Formed in: 1984
Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date: October 7th, 1986 (Original), 1999 (Reissue)
Label: Combat (Original), Century Media Records (Reissue)
Recorded May 1986 at Pyramid Sound, Ithaca, New York
Produced by Alex Perialas and Nuclear Assault
Mastered by Tom Coyne

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ONSLAUGHT – Power From Hell LP 1985 (Combat Records)

onslaught power from hell lp


UK-based thrash metal band Onslaught original release “Power From Hell” had a hard-core punk sound as compared to their follow-up in 1987 “The Force“. this was mainly due to the more guttural vocal sound of original singer Paul Mahoney. In late 1985, Paul Mahoney was replaced by Sy Keeler joined the band as the new lead singer. The released “The Force” in 1986. The band has a much more Slayer-influenced sound than the early Discharge sounding material.

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Sy Keeler’s vocal style was more akin to Rob Alford — a typical high-pitched 80’s singing style popular in 1985. That is why fans and critics alike consider “Power from Hell” to be superior to any of the band subsequent work band’s subsequent work.

The Death Metal Controversy

The Power From Hell LP was released in February 1985. It is disputed whether Onslaught or Possessed (San Fransisco) coined the term “Death Metal.” Onslaught had a demo ‘Death Metal’ in 1984, Possessed has a song of the same name a Seven Churches.

Reunion In 2006

In 2005 the band reformed and continues to release albums and play shows sporadically, mostly at metal festivals in Europe

ONSLAUGHT – Power From Hell 1985 Vinyl LP Thrash Metal ORIGINAL PRESSING Combat

Side A – Death

  1. Damnation – 0:36
  2. Onslaught (Power from Hell) – 4:48
  3. Thermonuclear Devastation – 1:31
  4. Skullcrusher I – 4:39
  5. Lord of Evil – 7:07
  6. Death Metal 3:42

Side B – Metal

  1. Angels of Death – 3:21
  2. The Devil’s Legion – 4:07
  3. Steel Meets Steel – 3:55
  4. Skullcrusher II – 3:46
  5. Witch Hunt – 3:45
  6. Mighty Empress – 0:58

Total Playing Time – 42:15

Onslaught Line-Up

Paul “Mo” Mahoney – Vocals
Nige Rockett – Vocals, Guitars
Jase Stallard – Bass
Steve Grice – Drums

Power From Hell Release Info

Label: Combat Records
Licensed From – Under One Flag
Copyright (c) – Under One Flag
Distributed By – Important Record Distributors, Inc.
Recorded At – AVM Studios