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Mercyful Fate ‎– “Live In Copenhagen ’82” LP 1987 Stone Records, Inc. ‎MV 16 (RARE/BOOTLEG)

Mercyful Fate ‎– Live In Copenhagen '82 LP

The Mercyful Fate ‎– “Live In Copenhagen ’82” LP is a rare bootleg that was released in 1987 from Stone Records, Inc. ‎The catalog number is MV 16 if you have the first pressing. There are five other pressings (4 in 1987 and one more in 2011). The country of origin of the first pressing is not known, although later pressings are believed to have originated in France. The album has no writing on the label, and it’s just a blank white label, as can be seen below.

This release is blocked from sale on Discogs; what versions of this album become available on eBay from time to time—the last copy sold for approximately $400.



Because it is an on official bootleg recording the sound quality is somewhat poor although it could be worse.


A1 Intro

A2 Black Funeral

A3 Curse Of The Pharaohs

A4 Into The Coven

A5 A Corpse Without Soul

A6 Return Of The Vampire

B1 Devil Eyes

B2 Nightmare

B3 Nuns Have No Fun

B4 Satan´s Fall

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