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Possessed (Bay Area Thrash / Death Metal Band) Classic Album – Seven Churches


Everything You Wanted To Know About The Band Possessed, but Were Afraid To Ask!

Possessed is a thrash/death metal band formed in 1983 in San Fransico. They are widely credited with inventing the term “Death Metal”. The band’s classic album is “Seven Churches” came out in 1985. Their subsequent albums, “Eyes Of Horror” and “Beyond The Gatesare also quite good.

Some Interesting Possessessed Facts:

Rather than regurgitating info on their Wikipedia page, here are some interesting facts you probably don’t know:

  • Metal Blade Records passed on Possessed (even they appeared on Metal Massacre). Combat Records would later sign the band.
  • Guitarist Larry Lalonde (who played on all three albums) went on to be the guitarist for Primus. Larry met Les Claypool in Blind Illusion, not long after Primus was formed.
  • Possessed is credited by many for coining the term death metal, which is a song on 7 Churches.
  • Jeff Becerra’s guttural vocal style is considered the first “death metal vocals” – which would later become a staple for bands like Obituary.
  • The “Eyes Of Horror” LP was produced by guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani.
  • Singer Jeff Becerra was shot in a robbery in 1989 and paralyzed for life.
  • Jeff Becerra still performs under the name “Possessed” as the sole original member. On stage, he sings in a wheelchair.
  • Larry Lalonde has been a staunch vegetarian since 1983.

Listen To The Full “7 Churches” Album Here On Youtube


7 Churches Artwork and Logo

Seven Churches Tracklist


 The Exorcist – 4:50
Pentagram – 3:32
Burning In Hell – 3:07
Evil Warriors – 3:43
Seven Churches – 3:16
Satan’s Curse – 4:12
Holy Hell – 4:10
Twisted Minds – 5:10
Fallen Angel – 3:58
Death Metal – 3:12

Throwback 1985 (JEFF HANNEMAN & P) 

Possessed Line-Up

Jeff Becerra − vocals, bass
Larry LaLonde − guitar (also the guitarist for Primus)
Mike Torrao − guitar
Mike Sus − drums

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Whiplash (Underrated Trash Metal Band From New York) – Classic Album “Power And Pain” 1986

whiplash thrash band from the 80s - old school

Everything You Wanted To Know About Whiplash But Were Afraid To Ask….

Whiplash was for sure one of those metal bands that should have been bigger. Instead, the band still plays shows from time to time.

  • All three members of the classic lineup were named “Tony.”
  • Drummer Tony Scaglione was in Slayer briefly. If you blinked, you might have missed it. He didn’t record with the band.
  • Bassist Tony Bono died at 38 years old due to a heart attack.
  • Peter Steele from Carnivore / Type O Negative did backing vocals on this album.
  • Singer/guitarist Tony Portaro can read music (not just tablature)

Whiplash: One of The Most Underrated Trash Bands Of All Time – Listen Here:

Power and Pain is the debut album from New Jersey thrash metal band, Whiplash. It was released in 1986 on Roadrunner Records and was followed up by 1987’s Ticket to Mayhem.

In 1998, Displeased Records reissued Power and Pain, including their second album, Ticket to Mayhem.

The album features New York City bands Carnivore and Agnostic Front on backing vocals.

Tony Portaro wrote all songs. Except where noted.

Title / Length

1. “Stage Dive” 3:09

2 .”Red Bomb” 5:18

3. “Last Man Alive” 3:31

4. “Message in Blood”4:04

5. “War Monger” 3:18

6. “Power Thrashing Death” 4:13

7. “Stirring the Cauldron (lyrics and music by Tony Portaro, Tony Scaglione, and Tony Bono)” 4:18

8. “Spit on Your Grave” 2:49

9. “Nailed to the Cross” 4:05

Total length: 34:45

Source: Wikipedia

Best Track: “The Burning Of Atlanta”

Even though Power and Pain may be the album they are best known for the follow-up “Ticket To Mayhem” had my favorite track “The Burning Of Atlanta“.

Wan Learn To Play Burning Of Atlanta?

In case you were really impressed by “The Burning Of Atlanta” learn to play the song right from Tony Portaro on his youtube channel where he gives the occasional guitar lesson.

Tony Portaro – vocals, guitar
Tony Bono – bass
Tony Scaglione – drums

Peter Steele and Louie Beateaux (Carnivore) – backing vocals
Vinnie Stigma and Rob Kabula (Agnostic Front) – backing vocals
Recorded at Systems II, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Produced by Norman Dunn / Engineered by Michael Marciano

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Agent Steel LP – Unstoppable Force LP (1986)


Unstoppable Force is the second album from the US speed metal band Agent Steel. It was recorded at Morrisound Recording Studios in Tampa, Florida, in March 1986.

Combat Records released the album in March 1987. The 1999 reissue by Century Media Records is a compilation of the Mad Locust Rising EP. Some later reissues exclude the cover version of the Judas Priest song “The Ripper”. Unstoppable Force was the last album before the band split up in 1988, only to reform in 1998 without John Cyriis and his consent for the release of the 1999 album Omega Conspiracy. Source: Wikipedia

Another 80s Thrash Band That Should Have Been Bigger?


Side A

1.”Unstoppable Force”3:52
2.”Never Surrender”3:52
4.”Chosen to Stay”4:46
5.”Still Searchin'”

Side B

7.”The Day at Guyana” (Instrumental)6:38
8.”Nothin’ Left”4:23

Total length:39:10