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Possessed (Bay Area Thrash / Death Metal Band) Classic Album – Seven Churches


Everything You Wanted To Know About The Band Possessed, but Were Afraid To Ask!

Possessed is a thrash/death metal band formed in 1983 in San Fransico. They are widely credited with inventing the term “Death Metal”. The band’s classic album is “Seven Churches” came out in 1985. Their subsequent albums, “Eyes Of Horror” and “Beyond The Gatesare also quite good.

Some Interesting Possessessed Facts:

Rather than regurgitating info on their Wikipedia page, here are some interesting facts you probably don’t know:

  • Metal Blade Records passed on Possessed (even they appeared on Metal Massacre). Combat Records would later sign the band.
  • Guitarist Larry Lalonde (who played on all three albums) went on to be the guitarist for Primus. Larry met Les Claypool in Blind Illusion, not long after Primus was formed.
  • Possessed is credited by many for coining the term death metal, which is a song on 7 Churches.
  • Jeff Becerra’s guttural vocal style is considered the first “death metal vocals” – which would later become a staple for bands like Obituary.
  • The “Eyes Of Horror” LP was produced by guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani.
  • Singer Jeff Becerra was shot in a robbery in 1989 and paralyzed for life.
  • Jeff Becerra still performs under the name “Possessed” as the sole original member. On stage, he sings in a wheelchair.
  • Larry Lalonde has been a staunch vegetarian since 1983.

Listen To The Full “7 Churches” Album Here On Youtube


7 Churches Artwork and Logo

Seven Churches Tracklist


 The Exorcist – 4:50
Pentagram – 3:32
Burning In Hell – 3:07
Evil Warriors – 3:43
Seven Churches – 3:16
Satan’s Curse – 4:12
Holy Hell – 4:10
Twisted Minds – 5:10
Fallen Angel – 3:58
Death Metal – 3:12

Throwback 1985 (JEFF HANNEMAN & P) 

Possessed Line-Up

Jeff Becerra − vocals, bass
Larry LaLonde − guitar (also the guitarist for Primus)
Mike Torrao − guitar
Mike Sus − drums

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Possessed “The Eyes Of Horror” EP Produced By Joe Satriani

possessed band in 1984

The 3rd Album By Possessed, Produced By Joe Satriani

Eyes of Horror was released in 1987. It was produced by guitarist Joe Satriani. This was the last album for 30 years. The original lineup never reformed. Not long after the release of Eyes Of Horror, Jeff Becerra was shot in a robbery attempt and was left paralyzed from the neck down. Not long after, the original line-up went their own ways.

What Happened to Mike Sus, Larry Lalonde, and Mike Torrao?

Mike Sus returned to school, obtained a degree in psychology, and was never active in music again. Guitarist Mike Torrao joined Infanticide, but they never released any songs publicly and broke up in 1997. He now works as a landscaper and plays music only in his spare time.

Most famously, Larry Lalonde would go on to join Blind Illusion, where he met Les Claypool and the formed Primus. Larry downplays his status as an ex-Possessed member and rarely mentions it publicly.

Possessed Band Update 2019

Jeff Becerra continues to tour and record under the name Possessed with an entirely new group of musicians. In 2019 the new line-up released the shockingly good “Revelations Of Oblivion” which has become both a critical and commercial success.

Very courageously, Jeff contains to record and front the band from a wheelchair and does a fantastic job.

Possessed “The Eyes Of Horror”

Track listing

  1. “Confessions”
  2. “My Belief”
  3. “The Eyes of Horror”
  4. “Swing of the Axe”
  5. “Storm in My Mind”
possessed 1987

In 1987 Possessed Was The Following:

Jeff Becerra – Bass & Vocals – Is the only original member from the 1980s lineup. He is now paralyzed following a street robbery, which some have rumored was a drug deal gone bad.

Mike Torrao
– Guitar

Larry Lalonde – Guitar – Went on to play in Blind Illusion, where he met Les Claypool and went on to for Primus.

Mike Sus – Drums

Jeff becera 2019
Jeff Becerra who still performs with Possessed