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120K Metal and Punk Vinyl Collection I Bought In Los Angeles


The video below is just a portion of a rare metal and punk vinyl collection I valued at approximately $120,000. I recently bought it from a private collector here in Los Angeles.

This epic record collection consisted of around 3500 12″ LPs and 1000 7″ singles. Since the start of COVID, most of the records I have been buying have all been internationally, but this collection I found locally in Los Angeles. After some negotiation with the seller, this purchase was by far my largest, which I picked up for $67,000.

The Anatomy Of A Deal

In the weeks leading up to the purchase, the seller allowed me to appraise the albums one by one (which took me over a week to do). I entered them all in notebooks. You can see an example of my appraisal below.

Albums are hot right now. Unfortunately, some collectors have an unrealistic idea of what they are worth, but as a buyer, you need to spend a lot of money to buy good collections of rare metal and punk albums. Therefore, I tailor my offers to be at least 50% of the total value as a rule of thumb. I am negotiable up to roughly 60%, but it can be higher under rare circumstances. Above 70% of the total value, the seller would make the same amount of money selling them on eBay individually.

Also, remember that even if the seller were selling it to another party that wasn’t a reseller, the buyer wouldn’t pay the total price for every album; there would be some discount.

Here are some photos from the gem vinyl in the video above. The first video is less than 20% of the collection. I will update this post or create a new one to showcase some of the records. Unfortueny, I can’t make a complete list as I did here of all of them, but feel free to contact me if you are looking for something specific.

Collection Highlights

Some of the my favorite pieces in this collection are as follows. I have timestamped some of the links to take you to exactly the spot in the video where these metal and punk LP appear.

Photos From This Collection

Here are a few photos of some of the better records.

Are You Looking To Buy Any Of These Records?

If you are looking to purchase any of these albums there are all for sale right here.

Thrash Metal IQ Ebay

I send out daily discounts for watched items!

Do You Have A Punk or Metal LP Like This To Sell?

I am always looking to buy collections of metal and punk LPs or CDs like this. So I have included some detailed information about how to get hold of me.

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