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Exhorder “Desecrator” Live In Los Angeles Sept 13, 2019

Exhorder “Desecrator” Live In Los Angeles Sept 13, 2009 Exhorder plays brutal thrash metal classic “Desecrator” live In Los Angeles Sept 13 2009 on tour supporting the new album “Mourn The Southern Sky” – which drops this week on Nuclear Blast!

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6 Metal Albums You Can Only Find On eBay


Top Thrash Metal Albums Albums You Can Only Find On eBay

It’s not like the old days, where you can drive to Tower Records and get any album you want. For certain titles there is nowhere to go but eBay if you want them! These are my picks…

1. The DefJam Reign In Blood

The Original 1987 Def Jam copy of Reign In Blood 1st pressing: This is a very hard to find pressing of Reign In Blood the record company wouldn’t even stamp their logo to because of the controversy surrounding Angel Of Death! The original copy of the DefJam Rain in blood when American records

slayer reign in blood

2. The Four Hour Fogger Demo

Four Hour Fogger Demo Tape Feat. Brent Hinds & Troy Sanders from Mastodon – This was the local band that Troy Sanders and Brent Hinds were in before Mastodon. If you are a Mastodon fan this is a great pick up. This is very rare and handwritten by Troy Sanders.

3. Exhorder: Slaughter In The Vatican / The Law CD

Exhorder – Slaughter in the Vatican & The Law 2x CD Roadrunner Records 2003– This compilation CD has been out of print for a year and is a great band. This item ends on Sunday.

4. A Copy Of Killing Is My Business Signed By Dave Mustaine


Megadeth Killing Is My Business and Business is Good– Original 1986 copy in near mint condition and autographed by Dave Mustaine. They aren’t always available but you might get lucky!

5. Overkill Feel The Fire (MegaForce)

OVERKILL – Feel The Fire LP -1985 FIRST PRESSING MEGAFORCE– This is an original copy of Feel The Fire from 1985 and it’s still a great deal

6. Anthrax Spreading The Disease (MegaForce)

Anthrax ‎– Spreading The Disease 1985 OG First Pressing Vinyl Megaforce Thrash– OG 1985 copy still in shink wrap with hype sticker!

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Exhorder – Slaughter in the Vatican & The Law 2x CD

exhorderband cd

Exhorder: One Of The Heaviest Thrash Bands To Exist

Exhorder was a ridiculously heavy thrash band from New Orleans, Louisiana. The riffs and production on both albums but especially Slaughter in the Vatican, is off the charts. Fans of the band included Phil and Pantera. They released two albums on Roadrunner Records, but nothing ever happened for them.

Here Is What We Know:

  • Exhorder was formed in 1985.
  • Their debut album, “Slaughter In The Vatican” was released on Roadrunner. It’s a straight-up solid thrash album that still holds up today.
  • The Law” had a more groove metal Pantera-type. It came out in 1992.
  • The band broke up in 1994.
  • In 2010 Exhorder did some reunion shows. It seemed a reunion was at hand.
  • In 2011 bassist Frankie Sparcello died of unknown causes, though drugs are suspected.
  • After, the band went back into a six-year hiatus.
  • There was supposedly a reunion in 2017, but nothing came of it.

Listen To Exhoder:

The Exhorder 2x “Slaughter In The Vatican” / “The Law” CD

Exhorder recordings are very rare, and for fans, the CDS are highly sought after.

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Exhorder – Slaughter in the Vatican / The Law Compilation on Roadrunner Records 2003

exhorder band slaughter in the Vatican line up
Exhorder – Slaughter in the Vatican / The Law
End Date: Ongoing

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