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An Awesome Collection of Heavy Metal, Classic & Hard Rock Vinyl I Scored In Orange County, CA

An Awesome Collection of Heavy Metal, Classic & Hard Rock Vinyl I Scored In Orange Count

Below are some highlights from an incredible collection of metal, hard rock, hardcore punk, and classic rock vinyl I just bought from a collector in Los Angeles.

Unlike many collections I have been buying recently from collectors living out of state or even out of the country, I picked this one up locally from a lawyer moving out of town. He found my ad on the Internet and contacted me. I drove down to Orange County from Los Angels and quickly appraised the collection; we agreed on a price, I sent him a Paypal, and I left with the collection that night. 

In addition to the vinyl in the video, his collection included:

  • Over 1500 CDs.
  • Some great framed show flyers.
  • Some other great memorabilia from the Canyon Club in LA.

I completed the deal in just a few hours which sure beats driving to another state or negotiating an international deal with France.

Vinyl Highlights

Here are some of the highlights and rare albums it included:

Motörhead – Another Perfect Day LP 1983 Bronze 811 365-1 M-1 [FULLY SIGNED] VG+ – The album is a gold-stamped promo and very rare autographed copy – signed by all three musicians that played on it (Lemmy, Phil, and Bryan). Autographed at the Canyon Club outside of Los Angeles around 1984 by this lineup that was only together for one album, two members are sadly no longer with us.

Value: 300$

Metallica – Master Of Puppets LP 1986 Elektra 9 60439-1 VG+/EX [RARE WL PROMO] – Very rare white-label promo with a hilarious hype sticker that reads, “THE ONLY TRACK YOU PROBABLY WON’T PLAY IS “DAMAGE, INC.” DUE TO MULTIPLE USES OF THE INFAMOUS “F” WORD. OTHERWISE, THERE AREN’T ANY “SHITS”, “FUCKS”, “PISSES”, “CUNTS”, “MUTHERFUCKERS” OR “COCKSUCKERS” ANYWHERE ON THE RECORD.” This sticker is more evidence of how much times have changed since 1986.

Value: 200$

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction LP 1987 Geffen – GHS 24148 VG+/VG+ – The original uncensored Robert Williams cover of “Appetite For Destruction” later changed to the more known version of the artwork.

Value: 200$

Cro-Mags – The Age Of Quarrel LP 1986 Profile Records – PRO-1218 VG+/VG+ – A hardcore classic, the original release on Profile Records is unusual, considering Profile Records is mainly known for hip-hop.

Value: 200$

Megadeth – Killing Is My Business & Business Is Good! LP 1985 Combat MX 8015 VG+ – The album is the first pressing with the dark green label. For all albums on Combat Records, the first press is the dark green labels, and the second is the camouflage label, although both were often released in the same year.

Value: 179$

Slayer ‎– Show No Mercy LP 1984 Metal Blade ‎– MBR 1013 VG+/VG+ w/ Insert – The record is the second pressing of “Show No Mercy” with the silver label and was issued the same year as the first. The first pressing has the tan labels and is worth almost twice what this copy is worth, even though they both came out in 1984.

Value: 179$

There were also many outstanding classic rock records in this collection from bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the Roling Stones that I did not include in the video because this is a heavy metal-themed blog.

Do You Have A Collection Like This You Would Like To Sell?

I am always looking to buy vinyl and CD collections of any size. Use this information to get in touch with me.

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