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Poll: What Was The Best Year For Thrash Metal 1983-1991?

Since it’s pretty clear many of us (including me) are living in the past (rightfully so)…what is your favorite year for Thrash Metal? You can choose from 1983-1991. Personally, I’m going to have to choose 1986 with classic such as Pleasure To Kill, Darkness Descends and Reign In Blood pulling much of the weight, but what is your pick?

Poll: What Was The Best Year For Thrash Metal 1983-1991?

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HELLHAMMER – Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D. CD – OG SEALED Rare Early Celtic Frost

apocalyptic Raids hellhammer
End Date: Tuesday Jun-18-2019 4:46:10 PDT
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Faith No More – Angel Dust Vinyl 2015 With Mike Patton

Faith No More Angel Faith No More - Mike Patton
Faith No More – Angel Dust Vinyl 2015
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Exhorder – Slaughter in the Vatican & The Law 2x CD

exhorderband cd

Exhorder: One Of The Heaviest Thrash Bands To Exist

Exhorder was a ridiculously heavy thrash band from New Orleans, Louisiana. The riffs and production on both albums but especially Slaughter in the Vatican, is off the charts. Fans of the band included Phil and Pantera. They released two albums on Roadrunner Records, but nothing ever happened for them.

Here Is What We Know:

  • Exhorder was formed in 1985.
  • Their debut album, “Slaughter In The Vatican” was released on Roadrunner. It’s a straight-up solid thrash album that still holds up today.
  • The Law” had a more groove metal Pantera-type. It came out in 1992.
  • The band broke up in 1994.
  • In 2010 Exhorder did some reunion shows. It seemed a reunion was at hand.
  • In 2011 bassist Frankie Sparcello died of unknown causes, though drugs are suspected.
  • After, the band went back into a six-year hiatus.
  • There was supposedly a reunion in 2017, but nothing came of it.

Listen To Exhoder:

The Exhorder 2x “Slaughter In The Vatican” / “The Law” CD

Exhorder recordings are very rare, and for fans, the CDS are highly sought after.

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Biohazard (First Album / Self Titled) 1990

biohazard band metal NYC hardcore

Everything You Didn’t Know About Biohazard, but Were Afraid To Ask

“Biohazard” was the self-titled debut album by New York thrash metal/crossover band of the same name It was released on June 30, 1990, by Maze Records.


Some Interesting Bioharzard Facts

  • Singer Evan Seinfeld’s second cousin is Jerry Seinfeld
  • Very early in their Biohazard had songs like “Master Race” and “America” which labeled the band as Nazi/racist. Singer Evan Seinfeld would explain the lyrics were just for shock value to impress Peter Steele from Carnivore. Obviously, they couldn’t be that neo-Nazi as both Evan Seinfeld and Billy Graziadei are Jewish.
  • “Wrong Side of the Tracks” and “Hold My Own” were rerecorded for the band’s second album Urban Discipline. The 2004 remaster features a different cover than the original 1990 pressing.
  • Singer/bassist Evan Seinfeld was married to adult film star Tera Patrick for a brief period of time.
  • Sen Dog from Cypress Hill appears on the son “How It Is” on the “State Of The World Address” album.
  • Evan Seinfeld was on a VH1 reality show “Supergroup” with Ted Nugent, Scott Ian (Anthrax), and Sebastian Bach.
  • The song “Wrong Side Of The Tracks” was on this album and then recorded again on “Urban Discipline”, citing royalty payment problems with Maze.
  • After a brief reunion of the classic line-up in 2008, Evan Seinfeld was dismissed from the band and replaced by Scott Roberts.

Listen To The Full Biohazard Debut On YouTube



Biohazard Line-Up Circa 1990:

Evan Seinfeld – vocals, bass
Billy Graziadei – guitar, vocals
Bobby Hambel – guitar
Danny Schuler – drums

No | Title | Length

  1. “Retribution” 4:26
  2. “Victory” 2:29
  3. “Blue Blood” 2:29
  4. “Howard Beach” 2:09
  5. “Wrong Side of the Tracks” 3:54
  6. “Justified Violence” 4:09
  7. “Skinny Song” 2:27
  8. “Hold My Own” 2:38
  9. “Pain” 2:35
  10. “Panic Attack” 3:30
  11. “Survival of the Fittest” 2:16
  12. “There & Back” 4:02
  13. “Scarred for Life” 4:15

Total length: 41:23