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Killer New Golden Age Of Metal Vinyl Collection I Just Bought!

thrash metal vinyl collection

It’s really hard to find good heavy metal vinyl collections, this is a rare exception. I managed to pick this one up with someone in Pittsburgh who answered my ad seeking vinyl collections. I paid a pretty penny for this collection, but it’s well worth it as is all the vinyl is in near-mint condition and contained many HUGE TILES (most first press). Check out this video of the unboxing.

You could check out this page where I listed the contents of all these albums, they are from the golden age of metal circa 1984 to 1989. A lot of good thrash metal and some hard to find hair metal records.

Gallery Of Some Of The Best Records…

if you or anyone you know is looking to sell your heavy metal CDs or thrash, classic rock vinyl I am constantly looking to buy them and I pay top dollar.

Click Here For More Info

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Poll: What Was The Best Year For Thrash Metal 1983-1991?

Since it’s pretty clear many of us (including me) are living in the past (rightfully so)…what is your favorite year for Thrash Metal? You can choose from 1983-1991. Personally, I’m going to have to choose 1986 with classic such as Pleasure To Kill, Darkness Descends and Reign In Blood pulling much of the weight, but what is your pick?

Poll: What Was The Best Year For Thrash Metal 1983-1991?

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Forced Entry – Recorded “Uncertain Future” – Very Underrated Thrash Band – Where Are They Now?

forced entry band cover

Forced Entry Thrash Metal Band They Could Have Been HUGE: Why Didn’t They Get There?

I can remember when I first heard “Forced Entry” in 1989. The first some I heard was “Bludgeon” and it ripped my head off. I was sure they would get to be as big as Testament or Exodus, but it never happened. even though they were as good or better than most bands at the time.

Why didn’t they hit it big? They were in the right place at the right time their first demo were straight thrash in 1986. Was it a shitty manager, nagging girlfriend, drug problems, or egos? With most rock band it’s one of the 4 that kept them out of The Big 4.

Let’s try to figure it out…

To Find Out Where They Are Now Lets First See Some History

  • The formed in 1984 in Seattle, Washington as Critical Condition
  • The founding member are vocalist/bassist Tony Benjamins, guitarist Brad Hull, and drummer Colin Mattson.
  •  in 1986, released two demos, All Fucked Up and Thrashing Helpless Down and won Northwest Music Award for “Best Metal Band” in 1987. Shortly after the signed to Combat Records.
  • Uncertain Future was released that June 1987 and was well received by metalhead and critics alike.
  • They toured with Coroner, Sacred Reich and Obituary in support of it.
  • The follow up As Above, So Below album was released in June 1991 never achieved neither the success nor the critical acclaim of Uncertain Future. Forced Entry was later dropped from Relativity and never toured in support of their sophomore effort
  • In 1995 they released The Shore EP and played their farewell show in August.

Listen To Bludgeon (Best Forced Entry Song)


Forced Entry Where Are They Now?

All Forced Entry Members

Photo Of The Inset In Compilation Reissue

Members of Forced Entry…

Brad Hull
Tony Benjamins
Colin Mattson
Doug Ramm

Forced Entry – Uncertain Future / The Shore Vinyl (Floga Records – Greek Reissue)


1 Bludgeon
2 Kaleidoscope Of Pain
3 A Look Through Glass
4 Anaconda
5 Octoclops
6 Unrest They Find
7 Morgulan
8 Foreign Policy
9 Miasma
10 Sore
11 Sole Train
12 Licking My Wound

This is a Greek reissue/compilation of 2 Forced Entry albums. They originally came out on Combat Records starting in 1989 and now are out of print. Even this reissue is VERY DIFFICULT to fine. Uncertain Future is a little known thrash classic that should have made the band huge, but for whatever reason, it never happened. The follow-up “The Shore” also came out on Combat and was shelved.

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Forced Entry – Uncertain Future / The Shore (Thrash Metal Band)

forced entry uncertain future
End Date: Thursday Jun-20-2019 22:10:10 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $24.99

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Devastation – Signs of Life 1989 – Full Album – Texas Thrash Metal

End Date: Friday Jun-14-2019 4:17:05 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $34.99
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D.R.I. Trash Zone 1989 – What Was It The Best DRI Album – “Thrash Zone” or “Dealing With It”?

dri thrash zone line up 1988

Was The Best Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Album Thrash Zone or Dealing With It?

Thrash Zone is firth and most successful album by crossover thrash band D.R.I. It was released on Metal Blade 1989, but was it the best? Vote below, you can only choose from Trash Zone and Dealing With It.

What Was The Best D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) Album?

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Thrash Zone was the first with Connecticut born John Menor. John is no longer with the band, but DRI still actively tours in 2019 with Spike and Kurt being the sole original members.

Listen To Trashzone


Album Artwork

driving thrash zone


No | Title | Length

  1. “Thrashard” 3:40
  2. “Beneath the Wheel” 5:36
  3. “Enemy Within” 2:44
  4. “Strategy” 4:19
  5. “Labeled Uncurable” 3:04
  6. “You Say I’m Scum” 1:55
  7. “Gun Control” 4:59
  8. “Kill the Words” 4:43
  9. “Drown You Out” 2:31
  10. “The Trade” 4:28
  11. “Standing in Line” 1:35
  12. “Give a Hoot” 3:55
  13. “Worker Bee” 0:56
  14. “Abduction” 4:04

DRI is:

Spike Cassidy – Guitar
Kurt Brecht – Vocals
Felix Griffin – Drums
John Menor – Bass

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Obscure Thrash Band Alert: English ​Dogs “Where The Legond​​ Began”

English dogs thrash band

English Dogs – Perhaps The Most Obscure Thrash Band You’ve Never Heard Of?

Listen On YouTube:



Side A

  1. Trauma 01:54 instrumental
  2. The Eye of Shamahn 04:48
  3. Enter the Domain 05:12
  4. Premonition 05:58
  5. Calm Before the Storm 05:05

Side B

  1. Flashback 04:11
  2. A Tomb of Traveller’s Past 05:08
  3. Middle Earth 05:07
  4. Epilogue 08:08 instrumental



Mark “Wattie” Watson Bass, Vocals (backing)
Andrew “Pinch” Pinching Drums, Vocals (backing)
Gizz Butt Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Adie Bailey Vocals

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The Heaviest Album Of All Time Is Obituary’s “Slowly We Rot” 1989 – that is a fact.

obituary slowly we rot

Why Slowly We Rot Is Metal That Rips Your Head Off

Slowly We Rot” by Tampa Florida by Tampa Florida death metal band Obituary is the heaviest album of all time. That isn’t just my opinion that is a fact. That isn’t just my opinion that is a fact.

What makes the album even more intense is the band does not rely on “down tuning.” The play in E 440 concert pitch, but it sure doesn’t sound like it!

Rhythm guitar player, Trevor Perez, is known for omitting the high end entirely on his guitar. This leads to his signature guitar sound that is often imitated but never duplicated but is but never duplicated. However, it’s worth noting, Trevor’s tone is reminiscent to Tom G Warrior and in Celtic Frost in some ways.

Listen To Slowly We Rot On Youtube

The guys in the band were barely 18; the album was produced for a budget of $4000! It’s hard to believe that’s such an epic slab of metal that’s such a monumental slab of metal that stands the test of time could’ve been produced in 1989 under the circumstances!

In April 2010, Obituary started to take a shot at new material for their ninth studio collection “Inked in Blood,” when bassist Frank Watkins died from cancer on October 18, 2015.

Obituary is still touring and have Terry Butler handling bass duties from legendary Florida Death.

Look for them on tour with Slayer and 2019! Better yet, pick up “Slowly We Rot” on eBay here.

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Kreator – Extreme Aggression LP 1988 Epic – FE 45254

Kreator in the 80s with mille p1

Extreme Aggression is the fourth studio album by German thrash metal band Kreator released in 1989. It was the first on a major label (Epic)


KREATOR’S 1989 “EXTEME AGRESSION” – Was It Awesome Or Did They Sell Out?

  • Extreme Aggression charted for the first time 28 years in 2017 after its release at number 90 on the German Charts. The remastered edition of the band’s 1986 album Pleasure to Kill charted on the same day.
  • Most American thrash fans became aware of Kreator through heavy rotation of the “Betrayer” on MTV’s Headbangers Ball.

Album Artwork From Extreme Agression

Critical Response

Jason Anderson gave the album a rating of four-and-a-half stars out of five, and wrote, “The results are fierce and noisy on this 1989 Epic released — the first major-label effort for the band. Petrozza and Fioretti’s guitar work is as punchy as ever, and Reil’s massive drums are unrelenting and continually improving.”

  1. Extreme Aggression
  2. No Reason To Exist
  3. Love Us Or Hate Us
  4. Stream Of Consciousness
  5. Some Pain Will Last
  6. Betrayer
  7. Don’t Trust
  8. Bringer Of Torture
  9. Fatal Energy