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Was Slayer “Live Undead” A Real Live Album?

slayer live undead era live band photo

This may not shock or amaze even some of the most metal fans: “live albums” that were really recorded in the studio — most of note and KISS and Peter Frampton.

There was a simple reason record companies were putting out so many live albums back then: THEY SELL!

But how about Slayer? Would they pull such a stunt?

You might be surprised….you can even listen to some of Slayer’s live recordings and demos that have been bootlegged from that period if you can deal with the crappy sound quality.

Kind of.


Are You Ready For The Truth?


Here are the tracks:

Side A

  1. Black Magic 03:56
  2. Die by the Sword 04:01
  3. Captor of Sin 03:32

Side B

  1. The Antichrist 02:57
  2. Evil Has No Boundaries 02:54
  3. Show No Mercy 03:04
  4. Aggressive Perfector 02:32

Total Running Time – 22:56 


Tracks B1-B2 taken from 1984 Haunting the Chapel EP.
Track B3 is taken from the 1983 Show No Mercy album.

Recording information:

  • Tracks A1-A3 recorded live with a small number of fans in the studio.
  • Side one mixed at Track Record Studios, N. Hollywood, CA.
  • Side two recorded and mixed at Track Studios, N. Hollywood, CA.
  • Mastered at Capital Mastering, Hollywood, CA.
  • Track B3 mastered at MCA Whitney Recording Studios & The Town House Studios.
  • Co-produced by Slayer.

That said, it’s still an awesome album. If that shocks you, I can assure you that Show No Mercy was not a fake live album. In fact, the studio was so small that drummer Dave Lombardo had to OVERDUB HIS CYMBALS because they would “bleed over” into other tracks. If you list you can tell.

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