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Expensive Black Death & Metal CDs I Picked Up From A Califonia Collector

Baphomet – The Dead Shall Inherit CD 1992 Peaceville – VILE 31 CD

This is a small but valuable group of high-dollar CDs I picked up from a collector in Northern California. While this isn’t a massive collection (numbering less than 40 CDs), I buy both small and large collections — none is too big or too small. If you have a collection like this you would like to sell contact me.

In this group of CDs, there are a lot of great rare CDs from European record labels like No Fashion Records, No Colours, and Necropolis Records that are all out-of-print. Some of the titles have never been reissued, and many others have. Regardless, the original 90s pressings are very sought after and quite expensive.

List Of Black Death Metal CDs

122 Stabwounds – The deity of perversion (HNF023CD)

A Canorous Quintet – Silence of the world below (NFR019)

Aesma Daeva – The Eros of Frigid Beauty (ROE033)

Arckanum – Fran Marder (NR008)

Baphomet – The dead shall inherit ( VILE31cd )

Burzum – Burzum\Aske (AMAZON 003/EYE 003)Digipak Top spine slight wear

Carpathian Forest – Through chasm caves and titan woods (AV011)

Celtic Frost -Morbid Tales / Emperor’s Return (WK44450)

Covenant – In times before the light (GRIMM ONE CD)

Dawn – Naer solen gar niper for evogher (NR006)

Dawn – Sorgh pa svarte flogh (NR6664)

Death – Spiritual Healing (COMBAT 88561-2011-2)

Forest of impaled – Forward the spears (RSR-0167) 

I.C.E – Apocalyptic end in white (CMU 61129)

Immortal – Blizzard beasts Etched embossed case (OPCD LC2406)

Immortal – At the heart of winter (OPCD  LC2406)

Immortal -Battles in the north (OPCD LC2406)

Godless North – Summon the age of supremacy (M.R.BON9CD)

Graveland – In the glare of burning churches (NC009)

Judas Iscariot – The cold earth slept below … (DEAD 14 CD)

Kreator – Extreme Aggression (EK 45254)

King Diamond – Them (RRD 9550)

Massacre – Enjoy the violence (SHARK018)

Masters Hammer – Slagry (KRON-H 03)

Necropolis – Nordic Metal (Tribute to Euronymous) (NR009)

Ophthalamia – A journey in darkness (AV003)

Satyricon – Dark medieval times (FOG001)

Seance – Fornever laid to rest (BMCD17)

Tartaros – The Red Jewel (NR 042)

Vinterriket -Berglandsschaften 2001-2004 Limited Ed DGSLIP(MORNING 010 / AP 038)

Wigrid – Hoffnungstod ( NC 051)

More Info?

If you have a heavy vinyl metal collection like this you would like to sell, contact me here:

If you are looking to buy any of these albums – you can find them here:

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