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Overkill: Feel The Fire – An Original Megaforce “Feel The Fire” on the Thursday Night Auction Chopping Block!

overkill vinyl feel the fire

The Thursday Night Chopping Block: Win A Piece of Metal History For 99 Cents

This is something I am going to be doing every Thursday night. It is officially dubbed “The Thursday Night Chopping Block“. Every week we will be offering up a piece of metal history for 99 cents at auction.  

When I say, “I’m putting it on the chopping block” – the auctions don’t always go as you expect and sometimes it will backfire. Like they did last week with the same band. A piece of vinyl like this could easily get a “BUY IT NOW” price of 85$ within a day.

Last Weeks Results: Somebody Ethically Stole My Album!

For example, take last weeks auction results…with the same band even? What the hell is wrong with me?

Auction results Overkill “Taking Over” for just $23 – ouch!

Some lucky bidder walked off with an OG copy of Overkill “Taking Over” for just $23!

Overkill “TAKING OVER” Discogs Value

The copy was in near mint condition, according to Discogs could be worth as much as $44. if you take Discogs as bible. I’ve seen it go for $85-100 in open auctions. So kudos to the winner of that auction – you scored!

Overkill fans: Do you want a chance to own a piece of metal history?

Then get in on the bidding EARLY because TIE GOES TO FIRST BIDDER! I see that happen all the time!

This week…OVERKILL – Feel The Fire LP – 1985 FIRST PRESSING MEGAFORCE in NEAR MINT condition SKU MRI 1469 – I have owned this LP since 1985 and always kept it in a protective plastic sleeve. Feel The Fire is my favorite album by one of my favorite band’s OVERKILL. This IS NOT some lame 180 G / remaster, reissue, blah, blah…this is an OG FIRST PRESSING MEGAFORCE!

Forgot How Awesome Overkill’s Debut 1985 Album Was?

Listen to it on Youtube and image how good a mint copy of the 1985 Megaforce vinyl will sound on your turntable!



Click below watch or better yet, join in on this week’s 99 cent metal history chopping block!

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