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Poll: Under the Guillotine: Best Kreator Song? We Say Yes!

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Under the Guillotine: Is It Best Kreator Song?

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Night is over
Now it’s dawn
Your final day
Has begun
Hear the steps
On the floor
Hear the sounds
Of the opened door
Too proud to scream
Too proud to beg for mercy
You will die by the executioner’s hand

Under The Guillotine

Tears are running
Down your cheeks
As you see
The axe of death
You were a prisoner
Didn’t care about the rules
Now it’s time
To pay for the fools

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Kreator ‎- Pleasure To Kill 1986 Noise Records [Germany]


Rare Vinyl Kreator ‎Pleasure To Kill 1986

Pleasure to Kill is the second studio album by German thrash metal band Kreator, released in April 1986 by Noise Records. Pleasure to Kill is widely considered a thrash metal classic, as well as a landmark album in the history of thrash metal along with Master of Puppets by Metallica, Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying? By Megadeth, Reign in Blood by Slayer, Eternal Devastation by Destruction and Darkness Descends by Dark Angel, all released in 1986.

The album played a considerable role in the development of many extreme metal subgenres, and many death metal bands cite the record as an influence. The lyrical themes follow those found on their first album Endless Pain, containing descriptions of horrible scenes of death and horror. (Source: Wikipeadia)

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Side A

  1. “Choir of the Damned” 1:39
  2. “Ripping Corpse” 3:36
  3. “Death Is Your Saviour” 3:58
  4. “Pleasure to Kill” 4:11
  5. “Riot of Violence” 4:56

Side B

  1. “The Pestilence” 6:58
  2. “Carrion.” 4:48
  3. “Command of the Blade” 3:57
  4. “Under the Guillotine” 4:38

Total length: 38:41


Kreator Line Up 1986

Mille Petrozza – vocals, guitars
Rob Fioretti – bass
Ventor – drums, vocals on tracks 3, 5 and 8

Album Cover And Art


Pleasure to Kill
Released 1st April 1986
Recorded Musiclab in Berlin, Germany, 1986
Genre Thrash metal, death metal, extreme metal
Length 38:42
Label Noise
SKU: MX 8105
Producer Harris Johns, Ralf Hubert