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What Happened To German Thrash Band Deathrow? (“Raging Steel” 1987)

Deathrow Geman thrash band

Germany’s Deathrow: A Classic Case Of A Metal Band That Should Have Been Bigger

DEATHROW is another German Thrash Metal act from the 80s. They never got very big, but their raging fast tempos and technical riffing made them better than bands that were a lot bigger. If you have never heard them before, think SODOM, KREATOR, or EXUMER.

The band suffered from somewhat poor production, but the album was remastered in 2016. The newly remastered version includes the band’s original demo, previously unheard rehearsals and live tracks, plus liner notes with band founding members Sven Flügge (interviewed here in 2018) and Markus Hahn. The vinyl of this album has been out of print for more than 30 years! <<– Hint Vinyl Collectors

There is very little information about Deathrow, but I will continue to update this page when (if) any becomes available.

Listen To The Full Album On YouTube


1. The Dawn

2. Raging Steel

3. Scattered by the Wind

4. Dragon’s Blood

5. The Thing Within

6. Pledge to Die

7. Mortal Dread

8. The Undead Cry

9. Beyond the Light

Original 1987 line-up

Milo – Vocals, Bass
Sven Flügge – Guitars
Thomas Priebe – Guitars
Markus Hahn – Drums

Raging Steel Vinyl Artwork

Deathrow "Raging Steel" 1987 Original LP. 1st pressing w/ insert. VERY RARE!


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