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SEPULTURA – Morbid Visions LP 1986

sepultura morbid visions

SEPULTURA – Morbid Visions LP 1986

Morbid Visions is the debut studio album by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, released on November 10, 1986, by Cogumelo Records. While later albums have a more political edge, Morbid Visions (along with the Bestial Devastation EP) is notable for “Satanic” themes. The band said many lyrics were fashioned after those of Venom and Celtic Frost (note the similarity of the album title to Morbid Tales). (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

The legacy of Morbid Visions

When asked about the Legacy of Morbid Visions this is all Igor Cavalera had to say:

Interviewer: Morbid Visions is a legendary record, not just because of Jairo T.’s afro, but also because of how raw and neanderthal-like the production is. Did you set out to make it sound that raw?

Igor: [Laughs] Jairo’s ‘fro was epic! The reality is that we were trying to record extreme music in a country were no studios ever recorded this kind of crap before, so its sound was pure instinct. (Source)

is is no re-issue – this is the real deal. 🙂

No | Title | Length

1. “Morbid Visions”3:23
2. “Mayhem”3:15
3. “Troops of Doom”3:21
4. “War”5:32
5. “Crucifixion”5:02
6. “Show Me the Wrath”3:52
7. “Funeral Rites”4:23
8. “Empire of the Damned”4:24

Band Photos 1986

Morbid Visions Artwork

morbid visions lp
The Debut Vinyl By Sepultura

Listen To The Full Album Here

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What Happened To The CELTIC FROST MORBID TALES Line-up?



Morbid Tales is the debut album by the Swiss extreme metal band, Celtic Frost, released in November 1984. It was originally released in Europe as a mini-LP with six tracks. However, the first American release by Enigma/Metal Blade added two tracks, bringing the release to the length of a regular LP.

Some Little-Known Celtic Frost Facts

  • Although Reid St. Mark was credited, Stephen Priestly is the actual drummer (as a session drummer).
  • Tom G Warrior does not drink or smoke.
  • Co-Founder and bassist Martin Ain quit the band before To Mega Therion. He is credited but does not play on the album.
  • The band’s final tour was with Type O Negative. Peter Steel was a band fan and said, “Type O show be opening for them.”
  • Celtic Frost played their final show in Mexico in 2008.
  • Tom G. Warrior now has a band Triptykon. They include a lot of Celtic Frost material in their set.
  • Celtic Frost co-founder Marian Ain died of a heart attack on October 17th, 2017, at the age of 50. After the 2nd go-round with Celtic Frost, he became a DVD store owner.
  • Stephen Priestly is now 53 and hasn’t been active in music since playing on Morbid Tales.

Classic Album: Morbid Tales On Youtube

Early Celtic Frost Not Far Past The Hell Hammer Days
Early Celtic Frost Not Far Past The Hell Hammer Days

In 1999 a remastered edition of Morbid Tales was released on CD by Noise Records, which also contained the tracks from their 1985 EP Emperor’s Return, and a 2017 remastered edition was released by the same label on CD and Vinyl formats. (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)

Editors Note: As the band continued, they went from a less black metal direction into a more glam style that disappointed many fans.

US version
Side One

1.”Into the Crypts of Rays” (Warrior)3:39
2.”Visions of Mortality”4:49
3.”Dethroned Emperor” (Warrior)4:37
4.”Morbid Tales”3:29

Side Two

5.”Procreation (Of the Wicked)”4:04
6.”Return to the Eve”4:07
7.”Danse Macabre”3:52
8.”Nocturnal Fear”

The Celtic Frost Line-Up on Morbid Tales

Tom Warrior – guitars, lead vocals, co-producer
Martin Ain – bass, bass effects, vocals, co-producer
Stephen Priestly – session drums (the actual drummer)

Reed St. Mark – drums on tracks 10-12 (remastered edition)