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SEPULTURA – Morbid Visions LP 1986

sepultura morbid visions

SEPULTURA – Morbid Visions LP 1986

Morbid Visions is the debut studio album by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, released on November 10, 1986, by Cogumelo Records. While later albums have a more political edge, Morbid Visions (along with the Bestial Devastation EP) is notable for “Satanic” themes. The band said many lyrics were fashioned after those of Venom and Celtic Frost (note the similarity of the album title to Morbid Tales). (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

The legacy of Morbid Visions

When asked about the Legacy of Morbid Visions this is all Igor Cavalera had to say:

Interviewer: Morbid Visions is a legendary record, not just because of Jairo T.’s afro, but also because of how raw and neanderthal-like the production is. Did you set out to make it sound that raw?

Igor: [Laughs] Jairo’s ‘fro was epic! The reality is that we were trying to record extreme music in a country were no studios ever recorded this kind of crap before, so its sound was pure instinct. (Source)

is is no re-issue – this is the real deal. 🙂

No | Title | Length

1. “Morbid Visions”3:23
2. “Mayhem”3:15
3. “Troops of Doom”3:21
4. “War”5:32
5. “Crucifixion”5:02
6. “Show Me the Wrath”3:52
7. “Funeral Rites”4:23
8. “Empire of the Damned”4:24

Band Photos 1986

Morbid Visions Artwork

morbid visions lp
The Debut Vinyl By Sepultura

Listen To The Full Album Here