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Steve Grimmett From Grim Reaper: Somebody Should Make Movie About That Guy!

I had the pleasure of getting to meet Steve of Steve Grimmett’s aka Grim reaper – he was a fucking awesome guy and a great singer whose life should be made into a Hollywood movie IMO. The guy is 60 years old, had a leg amputated, still sings metal because it’s the only thing he knows how to do, and can still deliver Ronnie James Dio caliber vocals – I saw their show and forgot how many awesome songs they have – including this one.

I got to have drinks with him at The Rainbow Bar and Grill, Los Angeles, before the show, and he was a super cool guy…we talked about Trump, why Bud Light is the best beer on Earth, and how even though getting his leg chapped of sucked, it was cool to see fans line up around the block to donate blood (which 3 eventually did) and how the one album he sang on with Onslaught outsold all of the Grim Reaper albums (which was something I didn’t expect)

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Grim Reaper – WHERE ARE THEY NOW? (The “See You In Hell Guys)

grim reaper metal band


Grim Reaper is a super handsome heavy metal band from England that was formed in 1979. They are best known for the 1983’S “See You In Hell” album”.

Photo Cred: Metal Archives

Grim Reaper: Where Are They Now?

UPDATE: Grimmett passed away on Monday, Aug. 15 at the age of 62.

  • In a recent interview Steve Grimmett said, “We have a date of February 19, 2019 (the original date was in October 2018). We had to move the date forward because we could not deliver the album on time, nor could the record label. February 19 will gives us a little bit more time to get things done. We have recorded all the guitars and all the drums I have started the vocals; when we get back from the tour, I will be doing vocals and bass. It should be done in the next month.”
  • Guitarist Nick Bowcott is a rep for Marshall Amps.
  • Nick Bowcott spoke at Jeff Hannaman’s funeral.
  • Just having the word “hell” in an album title tied Grim Reaper up in lawsuits with their label from 1987 to 1988.
  • Steve Grimmett was in the thrash metal band Onslaught. Strangely enough, Onslaught’s first album was “Power From Hell”.
  • The band broke up in 2008.
  • The band re-formed and started work on a new studio album tentatively titled “From Hell” (not joking)
  • In 2017, after collapsing at a show from a leg infection, Steve Grimmett went into surgery. As a result, he had to have a portion of his leg amputated.

Listen To See You In Hell

Album Cover And Artwork


  1. See You In Hell
    2. Dead On Arrival
    3. Liar
    4. Wrath Of The Ripper
    5. Now Or Never
    6. Run For Your Life
    7. The Show Must Go
    8. All Hell Let Loose
    SKU: AFL1-5431

Band Line-Up

Grim Reaper

Steve Grimmett – vocals
Nick Bowcott – guitar
Dave Wanklin – bass
Lee Harris – drums