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Killer Old School Thrash Metal Vinyl Collection From Europe

Kreator ‎– Pleasure To Kill LP 1986 Noise ‎– N 0037 Germany

This is a cool little collection of old school thrash metal I just bought from a collector in Europe – included are..


Thrash Metal LP List

Blind Guardian – Tales From the Twilight World  VG+/VG  NRR 1014

King Diamond – Speed Metal Symphony  VG+/VG+  RR 9577

Death Angel – Frolic Through the Park  VG+/VG+ ENVLP 502

Exodus – Impact is Imminent  NM/NM  EST 2125

Flotsam and Jetsam – No Place For Disgrace  VG+/VG+  RR 9549 1

Heathen – Victims of Deception  VG+/NM  RO 9331-1

Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1  VG+/VG+  N 0057

Hydra Vein – Rather Death Than False of Faith  VG+/NM  OTH 12

Hydra Vein – After the Dream  VG+/NM  CMO 193

King Diamond – The Eye  VG+/NM  RR 9346 1

KreatorPleasure to Kill  G/VG+  N0037

Living Death – Vengeance of Hell  VG+/VG+  SKULL 8360

Mortal Sin – Face of Despair  VG+/NM  836 370-1

Nuclear Assault – Survive  NM/NM  FLAG 21

Overkill Feel the Fire  NM/NM  MRI 1469

Prong – Beg to Differ  NM/NM  466375 1

Rage – Perfect Man  VG+/VG+  N 0112-1

Tankard – Chemical Invasion  VG+/VG+  N 0096

Wrathchild America – Climbin’ the Walls  VG+/NM  781 889-1

Xentrix – Shattered Existence  VG+/NM  RO 9444 1

Have A Thrash Metal Collection Like This You’d Like To Sell?

The collector has a large collection, but only wants to part with it a little at a time, which is fine by me other than having to pay all of the additional shipping. I buy a heavy metal CD and vinyl collections all over the world. If you have a collection like this to sell get hold of me here…

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