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What Happened To Zoetrope? – Svitek Ministry / Barry Stern (Life Of Crime)

Zoetrope thrash metal band

Chicago Thrash Band Zoetrope: Where Were They Ever?

Zoetrope was a thrash metal band from Chicago. The group was formed in 1976 by Barry Stern (drums/vocals), Kevin Michael Rasofsky, aka Kevin Michael (guitar), and Calvin “Willis” Humphrey (bass) as teenagers. The band signed Combat Records in 1984. Their first LP was Amnesty in 1985. In 1987 they out a second album, “A Life of Crime,” with producer Randy Burns (Megadeth, Nuclear Assault).

Some Zoetrope Facts

  • During the recording, their original guitarist Kevin Michael was replaced by Louis Svitek.
  • Louis Svitek went on to play with (M.O.D.) and Ministry.
  • Barry Stern played with the doom metal band Trouble after the band broke up.
  • Barry Stern died from complications from hip-replacement surgery in 2005.
  • Louis Svitek is now co-owner of the rap label/recording studio WuLi Records.

Listen To Life Of Crime On Youtube

Life Of Crime Cover


Seeking Asylum
Unbridled Energy
Company Man

Zoetrope Line-Up 1988

Barry Stern (R.I.P. 2005) – Vocals, Drums
Kevin Michael – Guitars (lead)
Calvin “Willis” Humphrey – Bass
Louis Svitek – Guitars

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