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Type O Negative Slow, Deep and Hard – Everything You Wanted To Know About Peter Steele But Were Afraid ​To Ask

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Type O Negative Slow, Deep, and Hard – (First Album 1991)

Type O Negative released their first album in 1991. The band is fronted by Peter Steele from Type O Negative. Slow Deep And Hard came out in 1991 on Road Runner records.

Type O Negative - Everything You Wanted To Know About Peter Steele But Were Afraid ​To Ask

Here are some random Peter Steele facts you probably don’t know:

  • Slow, Deep, and Hard is a self-financed demo that was supposed to be the 3rd Carnivore album.
  • Roadrunner Records would not bind Peter to a 5 album deal he had signed as the songwriter for Carnivore. He was not allowed to shop Type O Negative to other labels. This is why the demo Repulsion/Carnivore became the first album.
  • Peter Steele worked for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation until he was 29 and began touring with Type O in 1994.
  • Type O Negative’s first out-of-town show was in Atlanta, GA. A College radio show (Wreckage) paid to fly Peter up the day of the show so he wouldn’t miss work.
  • Peter Steele claimed that posing for Playgirl was nothing more than a publicity stunt. When bandmate Josh showed him the statistic that 74% of Playgirl readers were men, he says it is “something he regrets”.
  • Peter Steele appeared on the Jerry Springer Show as part of the Playgirl publicity in an episode of groupies.
  • Peter Steele wrote the lyrics on the Agnostic Front Cause For Alarm Album.

Listen To Slow Deep And Hard

Slow, Deep, and Hard Album Artwork and Sleeve

Slow Deep and Hard CD Tray

If you are buying a copy of Type O Negative on Vinyl or CD be aware that these CDS are a favorite for knockoff bootleggers. This is an original copy from 1991.


  1. Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity,
  2. Der Der Untermensch
  3. Xero Tolerance
  4. Prelude to Agony
  5. Glass Walls of Limbo – (Dance Mix)
  6. Misinterpretation of Silence and Its Disastrous Consequences
  7. Gravitational Constant

Type O Negative Line-Up 1991

  • Peter Steele: lead vocals, bass
  • Kenny Hickey: guitars, backing vocals
  • Josh Silver: keyboards, backing vocals, sound effects
  • Sal Abruscato: drums

Identifiers To Make Sure You Are Not Buying A Type O Negative Bootleg

Because genuine Type O Negative merchandise can sell for such high prices, here is what you want. to be looking for if you buy a CD:

Barcode: 0 16861-9313-2 2
Matrix / Runout: RRD9313 DISC MFG, INC (H) W.O. 16820-1
SKU: RRC 9313
Distributed By Important Record Distributors, Inc.