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Killer 80’s Thrash, Black Metal, and NWOBHM Album Collection Bought 11/27/2020

Here are some photos from a great black metal, thrash metal, and new wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM) vinyl collection that I purchased from a seller in New York. These are the actual photos provided to me by the seller I used to appraise this collection. As you can see there are some very rare Mercyful Fate albums including Black Message and Live in Copenhagen ’82 that I used to appraise this collection. A manifest of all of the albums I purchased is below the photo gallery. You can see some of my blog posts for details about many of these rare and out-of-print items. I buy heavy metal collections of both vinyl and CDs professionally, if you are selling a collection or know someone who is, I pay top dollar for collections like this.

Manifest Of Albums Purchased From Seller In New York 11/20/2020

The seller’s taxonomy is not perfect, technically, but Raven and Venom be NWOBHM to me the NWBHM as they stated in this manifest “are the flash in the pan bands like Trespass, Samson, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, etc., not so much the successful bands that morphed with the changing metal genre of the 1980s and beyond”. 

The seller went on to say, “Black Metal as much as anyone but some of these bands I am not familiar with so attempting the spelling with Scandinavian letters and a super fancy font is not easy, therefore when you see a “?” by the band name it indicates spelling to the best that I can discern.”

Other abbreviations:

“CO”        = cut-out

“RADIO” = a radio discharge

“Split”      = two bands sharing the record one on each side

“PD”        = picture disc

“DF”       = a RADIO discharge but also with the cover functional but defaced 

Singles 7”

1. Anathema, nailed to the cross-purple collector’s club series

2. Fata Morgana, space race

3. Metallica, metal up your ass 1981 demo limited edition 1000 copies, first 200 were red.  This one is not red

4. Acheron

5. Black metal split bands “Usver” and “Mbsticum”?????

6. Eleureth, a darker shade of evil

7.  Holocaust, live 1981

8. Circle of Dust / Brain child split single

9. iloiarn – niohogg norse black metal

10. Dwraves, everbodies girl

11. Belial, aftertaste (442 of 500 pressings)

12. Absu, Sumeria

13. Funeral Urn / Nercal split 

14. Coroner, purple haze

15. Einherjer, lebe Vikinganden

16. Amorphis, vulgar necrolatry

17. kamer /Sigh ?? split, green vinyl 

18. Rotting Christ, visions of dead lovers

19. Sadistic Noise, the crush of heaven

20. Gargolian Earth, in the grip of keltal hand, w/ sticker

21. Wings, thorns on their oaken throne

22. Ancient, det glemteriket

23. Dwraves, salt lake city go

24. DOA, the only thing green

25. Angelwitch, sweet danger / flight 19, EMI 1980

26. Bad Religion, punk rock song

27. Raven, don’t need your money

28. In The Woods, misanthropy Records ca1996

29. Anal Cunt, Stay’n alive

Black Metal:

1. Tribute to the Black Emperors, land of rising sun records

2. Arcturus, constellation

3. Dark Throne, Land of Frost demos

4. Emperor 12” The loss and curse of reverence

5. Dissection, 12” The past is alive PD

6. Tore Bratseth / Old Funeral, split, Hammerheart records only 500 copies, PD

7. Cintecele Diavolui, The Devil’s Songs, 10” EP by Mortiis, it looks like it may be signed on the front-not sure, a better picture can be supplied. Of course Mortiis’s instrumental side projects were not Black Metal but anyway, here it is.

1980s Metal:

1. Exciter, long live the loud

2. Exciter, violence, and force

3. Exciter, 12” Feel the knife 

4. Exciter, heavy metal maniac

5. Venom 12” Nightmares import

6. Venom, Canadian Assault, unopened 

7. Slayer, live undead PD

8. Raven, mad CO 

9. Raven, life’s a bitch CO

10. Raven, the pack is back (might be a CO, I cannot recall)

11. Raven, nothing exceeds CO

12. Raven, Rock until you drop, Neat records

13. Raven, the devils carrion

14. Raven 12” break the chain

15. Raven, live double album

16. Raven, wiped out

17. Raven 12” pray for the sun

18. Raven 12,” crash bang wallop

19. Welcome to the Metal Zone compilation, music for nations

20. Suicidal Tendencies, frontier records self-titled, first release

21. Judas priest, sad wings of Destiny, original, 1976 Janus records

22. Celtic Frost, into the pandemonium 

23. Celtic Frost, a night in the Dark, live ’86 Hamburg Germany

24. Frontline Assembly, 12” no limit, 1989

25. Vardis, 100 MPH

26. Carnivore, retaliation

27. Accept, Russian roulette

28.  Abattoir, vicious attack CO

29. Agony Column, gods, guns, guts RADIO, DF

30. Annihilator, 12” stone wall RADIO

31. Helloween 12”, I want out RADIO

32. Faith or Fear, punishment area, RADIO, CO, DF

33. Atrophy 12” animal rights, no outer sleeve

34. Danzig, lucifuge 

35. Judas Priest, unleashed in the east

36.  Onslaught, power from hell, CO

37. Judas Priest, best of PD

38. Tankard, the morning after

39. Suicidal Tendencies, light camera revolution

40. Motorhead, ace of spades

41. Savatage, sirens CO

42. Damien Thorne, the sign of the jackal

43. Sacred Oath, crystal vision

44. Nasty Savage, self-titled

45. Heathen, kill the king 12” RADIO

46. Zoetrope, a life of crime, CO


1. Tank, power of the hunter

2. Tank, filth hounds of hades

3. Tank, honor and blood

4.  Tank, echoes of distant battle 12”

5. Metal for Muthas volume II

6. Holocaust, the sounds of souls mini LP

7. Angel witch, frontal assault

8. Hologram (formally Holocaust), steal the stars

9. Diamond Head, borrowed timeMISC:

1. Blue Oyster Cult, extraterrestrial LIVE

2. Even More Death and Horror, BBC sound effects #27

3. Pink Floyd, 12” Learning to fly, RADIO, DF

4. Boito Mefistoffele, angel voices, EMI

5. Ramones, subterranean jungle RADIO—DF, poor sleeve

6. Ramones 12” Pet Sematary 

Mercyful Fate-(hereafter MF) & King Diamond-(hereafter KD):

1. Fate, self-titled

2. MF, the beginning

3. MF, Melissa, “original silver label press”

4. MF, Melissa, limited edition PD #0044

5. MF, don’t break the oath, still mostly in shrink wrap with one slight sticker blemish on the front where the plastic peeled-see picture, looks original 1984 

6. MF, don’t break the oath PD, limited edition #1193

7. MF, live from the depths of hell, import

8. MF Black Masses 12”

9. MF, Black funeral / Black Message, evil records

10. MF, PD, green logo

11. MF, no title, LIVE Copenhagen 1982, Stone Records

12. KD, No presents for Xmas, 12” RADIO, DF

13. KD, fatal portrait

14. KD, 12” Halloween PD

15. KD, family ghost, The Shrine 12”

16. KD, Abigail

17. KD, the eye of the Witch, 12” RADIO

18. Metallic Storm, compilation, ebony records

I am not going to include the total purchase price for this collection at the request of the seller, except to state that I probably paid their rent for a few months.

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