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EXODUS Pleasures Of The Flesh 1987 – ORIGINAL COVER / Picture. Disc

img_0584-1 img_0585-1 exodus pleasures of the flesh back cover 2

Pleasures of the Flesh was to originally feature cover art with an illustration of the band depicted as cannibals preparing and eating their meal. However, prior to release, the cover was replaced with a photo of the group members leaning on a bar. Just before the record’s issuance, the original album cover was promoted by the record company in music magazines with the headline “Metal’s Heaviest Meal”. It was also available as a limited edition picture disc LP. (Wikipedia)

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Voted #1 Metal Band That Should Have Been Bigger
  1. Deranged 0:00
  2. Til Death Do Us Part 3:47
  3. Parasite 8:38
  4. Brain Dead 13:34
  5. Faster Than You’ll Ever Live to Be 17:50
  6. Pleasures Of The Flesh 22:18
  7. 30 Seconds 29:53
  8. Seeds of Hate 30:39
  9. Chemi-Kill 35:39
  10. Choose Your Weapon 41:24

Vinyl Picture Disc Artwork