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The 12 Best Funny Heavy Metal MEMES Of All Time

black metal Olympics heavy metal meme

It’s time to lighten the mood on this blog while still keeping it heavy! I’m talking about heavy-metal MEMES! Here are the top 12 that we know of right now! This post is constantly updated with the MEME pictures, so check back once in a while!!

Like Funny Metal MEMES? Let’s get started at #1…

1. The Cannibal Corpse MEME

You have to have somewhat of a morbid sense of humor I truly appreciate that one, but it gave me a laugh!

Next up?

2. Death Metal Dating

death metal dating meme

Heavy metal isn’t known for hot chicks. I can understand how dating some girl who claims to like death metal is: I’ve been there before. LOL

3, Marry Had A Little Lamb?

4. The Black Sabbath MEME

Black Sabbath heavy metal meme

While far from being in an unknown band, Black Sabbath never got the level of respect that the Beatles had for Led Zeppelin as British rock royalty.

I doubt they care!

5. The Faces of Death Metal MEME

faces of black metal heavy metal meme

On this one, you have to understand the reference. It is a lampoon on the documentary “Faces Of Meth” which chronicles what people look like before and after methamphetamine use. As you can see, death metal is a gateway drug to court paint and just for a less harmless.

6. Death Metal Gardening

Death Metal Gardening MEME

7. Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King at McDonald’s

It’s a classic metal meme with Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King chomping some burgers before a show. You may be metal, but not half as much Slayer’s guitar team.

8. Heavy Metal Politics Meme

9. Vic Rattlehead vs 5 Finger Fruitpunch

10. The Metallica “St. Anger Drum Sound” MEME

11. King Diamond Nuns Have No Fun

12. Megadeth Fans vs. Metallica Fans vs. Iron Maiden Fans

I had to include this one just because you know it is true!!

That’s All For Now

Sometimes, it’s tough to be brutal when your mom wants you to work in the yard! You might smear your corpse paint!

That’s all for now; check back later when we publish our next list.