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Venom: The First Black Metal Or Sped Up Motorhead​ With EVIL Lyrics? VOTE HERE!

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Many Credit Venom With Being The First Black Metal Band, But Were They?

Many credit Venom as being the first “Black Metal Band“, but were they really? If you listen to Motorhead and Venom in 1985 (or now) you might notice some similarities.

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Was Venom The First Black Metal Band

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Listen To At War With Satan Full Album

At War With Satan Album Artwork

Credits / Details


No | Title | Length

  1. “At War with Satan”19:57
  2. “Rip Ride”3:09
  3. “Cry Wolf”4:19
  4. “Stand Up (And Be Counted)”3:32
  5. “Women, Leather and Hell”3:21
  6. “Aaaaaarrghh”2:25

Bonus tracks in 2002 re-release by Castle Music/Sanctuary Records Group

venom at war with satan

No | Title | Length

  1. “At War with Satan (TV Adverts)”1:04
  2. “Warhead (12” version)”3:40
  3. “Lady Lust (12” version)”2.48
  4. “The Seven Gates of Hell (12” version)”5:28
    12.”Manitou (12″ version)”4:42
  5. “Woman (12” version)”2:56
  6. “Dead of the Night (12” version)”4:09
  7. “Manitou (Abbey Road uncut mix)”4:49

Venom Was In 1985:

Cronos – Vocals, Bass
Mantas – Guitars
Abaddon – Drums

The UK remastered reissue of their second album from 1985 with eight added bonus tracks, Housed in a slipcase. 2002 – GRAB THIS ITEM FOR AN UNHOLY PRICE ON EBAY!