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The Misfits Static Age 1997 – Caroline Records – CAR 7250 -1


August 1977, The Misfits released their debut single “Cough/Cool” on Blank Records, operated by the band’s lead vocalist Glenn Danzig. Several months later, Mercury Records issued a Pere Ubu record on their own Blank Records imprint, unaware that Danzig held a trademark on the name. The parties came to a settlement, with Danzig accepting thirty hours of studio time for his band in exchange for the rights to the Blank Records name.

Track listing

Glenn Danzig writes all tracks.

1.”Static Age” 1:47

2.”TV Casualty” 2:24

3.”Some Kinda Hate” 2:02

4.”Last Caress” 1:57

5.”Return of the Fly” 1:37

6.”Hybrid Moments” 1:42

7.”We Are 138″ 1:41

8.”Teenagers from Mars” 2:51

9.”Come Back” 5:00

10.”Angelfuck” 1:38

11.”Hollywood Babylon” 2:20

12.”Attitude” 1:31

13.”Bullet” 1:38

14.”Theme for a Jackal” 2:41

15.”She” 1:24

16.”Spinal Remains” 1:27

17.”In the Doorway” 1:25

18.”Unlisted Track” 8:43

19.”Studio Screw Ups” 0:06

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