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Canada’s Anvil: Were They The First Thrash Band?

anvil forged in fire

Anvil: Were They The First Thrash Band?

Was Anvil The First Thrash Metal Band?

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Way back a long time ago, before Anvil was best known for a movie made about them: Anvil was in a tremendously influential, “proto-thrash” band. Musicians like Lemmy, Slash, Scott Ian and Lars Ulich considered them to be a big influence. While Anvil’s sound was more of traditional heavy metal, they did play louder and faster than most bands did at the time.

Listen and Decide, If You Haven’t Heard Anvil (You Probably Haven’t).

Side one

No. | Title | Length
1. “Forged in Fire” 4:45
2. “Shadow Zone” 4:00
3. “Free as the Wind” 5:38
4. “Never Deceive Me” 3:35
5. “Butter-Bust Jerky” 3:20

Side two

No. | Title | Length

6. “Future Wars” 3:11
7. “Hard Times – Fast Ladies” 3:49
8. “Make It Up to You” 3:31
9. “Motormount” 3:43
10. “Winged Assassins” 3:46

Anvil Is:
Steve “Lips” Kudlow – vocals, guitar
Dave Allison – guitar, lead vocals
Ian Dickson – bass, backing vocals
Robb Reiner – drums