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Volto! Incitare Featuring Danny Carey From Tool and John Ziegler 2013

volto band

Volto formed in the early 2000s but had not previously released any material. Incitare was recorded in drummer Carey’s home studio, using only live takes.

With the other members equally enthusiastic by the piece, together with art control by Tool guitarist Adam Jones, the packaging was complete. The album generally received positive reviews, being especially lauded for the technical skills present on the album.

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Grip It (5:50)
Gillz (6:37)
Whopner (6:13)
Drumbeaux (8:36)
Quirk (4:09)BHP (6:03)
Meltdown (4:57)
Tocino (4:25)
I’m Calm Now (6:49)

Volto! is:

John Ziegler – guitar
Lance Morrison – bass
Danny Carey – drum
Jeff Babko – keyboards

Released    July 23, 2013Length    53:36
Label    Concord Music Group (Source: Wikipedia)

Volto! Incitare Vinyl Featuring Danny Carey From Tool/ John Ziegler 2013

Volto Incitare Album Cover

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