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Slayer “Hell Awaits” (MBR 1040) Original 1985 – Thrash ​Metal Vinyl

Slayer 2nd full lp cover

You have just a short time to grab a piece of heavy metal History! Slayer Hell Awaits original 1985 Slayer MBR 1040 on Vinyl.

Gallery Of LP Art and Condition

slayer hell awaits listing on Ebay


Everything you ever wanted to know about Hell Awaits here.

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The 12 Best Funny Heavy Metal MEMES Of All Time

black metal Olympics heavy metal meme

It’s time to lighten the mood on this blog, while still keeping it heavy! I’m talking about heavy-metal MEMES! Here are the top 12 that we know of right now! This post is constantly updated with the MEME pictures so check back once in a while!!

Like Funny Metal MEMES? Let’s get started at #1….

1. The Cannibal Corpse MEME

Hilarious yet morbid, featuring Cannibal Corpse

You have to have somewhat of a morbid sense of humor true appreciate that one but it gave me a laugh!

Next up?

2. Death Metal Dating

The picture could’ve been better, but I’ve been here before,

Heavy metal isn’t known for hot chicks. I can understand how dating some girl who claims to like death metal is: I’ve been there before. LOL

3. Even Though Your Dad’s and Slayer: Your Teenage Daughter Still Thinks You Are Lame.

Tom Araya and his family at the Grammys!

I absolutely love this one, The look on (Slayer Bassist / Vocalist) Tom Araya’s daughter’s face is priceless daughters is priceless. It’s no wonder this MEME made so many rounds on social media!

4. The Black Sabbath MEME

I think the the bottom frame speaks for itself

Black Sabbath while far from being in all unknown band never got the level of respect that the Beatles for Led Zeppelin I was being British rock royalty.

I doubt they care!

5. The Faces of Death Metal MEME

A Pun On “Faces Of Meth”

On this one, or you have to understand the reference. It is a lampoon on the documentary “Faces Of Meth” which chronicles what people look like before and after methamphetamine use. As you can see, death metal as a gateway drug to court paint and just for a less harmless.

6. Death Metal Gardening

Death Metal Gardening MEME

7. Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King at McDonalds

Classic metal meme with Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King chomping some burgers before a show. You may be metal, but not half as much Slayer’s guitar team.

8. Heavy Metal Politics Meme

9. Vic Rattlehead vs 5 Finger Fruitpunch

10. The Metallica “St. Anger Drum Sound” MEME

11. King Diamond Nuns Have No Fun

12. Megadeth Fans vs Metallica Fans vs Iron Maiden Fans

I had to include this one just because you know it is true!!

That’s All For Now

Sometimes it’s tough to be brutal when your mom wants you to work in the yard! You might smear your corpse paint!

That’s all for now, check back later when we publish our next list.

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The Heaviest Album Of All Time Is Obituary’s “Slowly We Rot” 1989 – that is a fact.

obituary slowly we rot

Why Slowly We Rot Is Metal That Rips Your Head Off

Slowly We Rot” by Tampa Florida by Tampa Florida death metal band Obituary is the heaviest album of all time. That isn’t just my opinion that is a fact. That isn’t just my opinion that is a fact.

What makes the album even more intense is the band does not rely on “down tuning.” The play in E 440 concert pitch, but it sure doesn’t sound like it!

Rhythm guitar player, Trevor Perez, is known for omitting the high end entirely on his guitar. This leads to his signature guitar sound that is often imitated but never duplicated but is but never duplicated. However, it’s worth noting, Trevor’s tone is reminiscent to Tom G Warrior and in Celtic Frost in some ways.

Listen To Slowly We Rot On Youtube

The guys in the band were barely 18; the album was produced for a budget of $4000! It’s hard to believe that’s such an epic slab of metal that’s such a monumental slab of metal that stands the test of time could’ve been produced in 1989 under the circumstances!

In April 2010, Obituary started to take a shot at new material for their ninth studio collection “Inked in Blood,” when bassist Frank Watkins died from cancer on October 18, 2015.

Obituary is still touring and have Terry Butler handling bass duties from legendary Florida Death.

Look for them on tour with Slayer and 2019! Better yet, pick up “Slowly We Rot” on eBay here.

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Was Slayer “Live Undead” A Real Live Album?

slayer live undead vinyl

Live Undead or Peter Frampton Comes Alive?

Here. is a question that may shock or amaze even some of the most die hard metal fans. It IS know that record companies would (especially in the 70’s) “live albums” that were really recorded in the studio — most of note and KISS and Peter Frampton.

There was a simple reason record companies were putting out so many live albums: THEY SELL!

But how about Slayer? Would they pull such a stunt?

You might be surprised….you can even listen to some of Slayer’s live recordings and demos that have been bootlegged from that period.

Kind of.


Are You Ready For The Truth?


Here are the tracks:

Side A

  1. Black Magic 03:56
  2. Die by the Sword 04:01
  3. Captor of Sin 03:32

Side B

  1. The Antichrist 02:57
  2. Evil Has No Boundaries 02:54
  3. Show No Mercy 03:04
  4. Aggressive Perfector 02:32

Total Running Time – 22:56 


Tracks B1-B2 taken from the 1984 Haunting the Chapel EP.
Track B3 taken from the 1983 Show No Mercy album.

Recording information:

  • Tracks A1-A3 recorded live with a small number of fans in the studio.
  • Side one mixed at Track Record Studios, N. Hollywood, CA.
  • Side two recorded and mixed at Track Studios, N. Hollywood, CA.
  • Mastered at Capital Mastering, Hollywood, CA.
  • Track B3 mastered at MCA Whitney Recording Studios & The Town House Studios.
  • Co-produced by Slayer.

That said, it’s still an awesome album. If that shocks you, I can assure you that Show No Mercy was not a fake live album. In fact, the studio was so small that drummer Dave Lombardo had to OVERDUB HIS CYMBALS because the would “bleed over” into other tracks. If you list you can tell.

Show No Mercy and Live Undead Are Still Up For Grabs

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Everything You Wanted To Know Slayer’s Hell Awaits (1985) – But Were Afraid To Ask!

Slayer 2nd full lp cover
Jeff Hanneman from slayer in 1985Jeff Hanneman from slayer in 1985

Hell Awaits is the second album by Slayer. It was released in March 1985 on Metal Blade Records. It is metal heresy to say this, but Hell Awaits is my favorite Slayer album. Most fans consider “Riegn In Blood” to be the bands high watermark. I’ve bought a copy the day it came out. You can see pictures of the actual album in this post.

Some Interesting “Hell Awaits” Facts You Might Not Know

  • The album was mixed in one night.
  • Around that time, Kerry King’s hair was thinning. He came into practice one night wearing a hairpiece. He was ostracized by the band. This led to his trademark shaved head look.
  • The demonic growls in the intro of the album say, “Join Us” if you play it backward. The final phrase, which is not backward but is pitch shifted says “Welcome Back
  • “Hell Awaits” was the first album a record company put up the budget to release. Show No Mercy was self-financed by the band, largely because Tom Araya had a good job at a hospital.
  • These days, the band considers the production of the album to be quite poor. When asked if they would ever record or re-master it, Tom says “No, that was a snapshot of where we were in our career at the time.”
  • God Hates Us All” is the bans least favorite album. They consider the production on “Hell Awaits” to be superior.
  • Hell Awaits” and “At Dawn They Sleep” are still staples in the band’s setlist live.
  • All of the music and the lyrics were written by Jeff Hannemann and Kerry King. Tom Araya did not contribute lyrically until the “South of Heaven” album.

Hell Awaits Cover, Artwork and Inner Sleeve

Listen to the Full Album Here on YouTube




Side one
No. Title Lyrics Music Length

  1. “Hell Awaits”
  2. “Kill Again”
  3. “At Dawn They Sleep”

Side two

  1. “Praise of Death”
  2. “Necrophiliac”
  3. “Crypts of Eternity”
  4. “Hardening of the Arteries”

Credits and Other Information

Bill Metoyer – engineer
Brian Slagel – producer
Slayer – producer
Bernie Grundman – mastering

SKU: MBR 1040

Label: Metal Blade Records
Year Of Release: 1985