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Agent Steel LP – Unstoppable Force 1986 Thrash / Speed Metal – Original Pressing


One of The Many Great Bands To Come Out On Combat That Remained Should Have Been Bigger

Unstoppable Force is the second album from the US speed metal band Agent Steel. It was recorded at Morrisound Recording Studios in Tampa, Florida from March – June 1986, and was digitally mastered in July 1986 at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida. The album was released by Combat Records in March 1987. The 1999 reissue by Century Media Records contains the Mad Locust Rising EP, which some later reissues excludes the cover version of the Judas Priest song “The Ripper”. It was the last album before the band split up in 1988, only to reform in 1998 without John Cyriis and his consent, for the release of the 1999 album Omega Conspiracy.



Side A

1.”Unstoppable Force”3:52
2.”Never Surrender”3:52
4.”Chosen to Stay”4:46
5.”Still Searchin'”

Side B

7.”The Day at Guyana” (Instrumental)6:38
8.”Nothin’ Left”4:23
Total length:39:10

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The era of conquerors part 3.

Third year into “the era of conquerors” and if I had to choose a title to describe this year, it would definately be “…And injustice for all”! And I’m not kidding. Apparently this is the year with the greatest injustices. Carrier of some of the most overated and the most underated thrash records of all times. Seems like the music bussiness has finally caught up with the thrash metal domain and pours it’s poisonous judgement, bloodied by profit upon our favorite music. But here we are 30 years later to set things straight. Punish some for the extreme attention they got and highlight others that never got what they deserved. Musicaly the year was extremely diverse. Amazing efforts were made, mainly from Europe and north America. There are the exceptions of two Australian and one Chilean albums in this list though. Complexity and technical supremacy are two very common traits that characterize the whole year. If nothing else, 1988 was quite controversial and intriguing. And as such I had a very difficult time trying to classify all this magnificence. But here it is at last. The answers to the years secrets lies beyond this prelude. Enter this musical labyrinth and explore by yourselves the way forward. Enjoy, notify, spread, comment this wonderfull music. Thrash till death!

Starting At 50…

50. READ THE FUL LIST STARTING AY 50 – Final genocide

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Everything You Wanted To Know Slayer’s Hell Awaits (1985) – But Were Afraid To Ask!

Slayer 2nd full lp cover
Jeff Hanneman from slayer in 1985Jeff Hanneman from slayer in 1985

Hell Awaits is the second album by Slayer. It was released in March 1985 on Metal Blade Records. It is metal heresy to say this, but Hell Awaits is my favorite Slayer album. Most fans consider “Riegn In Blood” to be the bands high watermark. I’ve bought a copy the day it came out. You can see pictures of the actual album in this post.

Some Interesting “Hell Awaits” Facts You Might Not Know

  • The album was mixed in one night.
  • Around that time, Kerry King’s hair was thinning. He came into practice one night wearing a hairpiece. He was ostracized by the band. This led to his trademark shaved head look.
  • The demonic growls in the intro of the album say, “Join Us” if you play it backward. The final phrase, which is not backward but is pitch shifted says “Welcome Back
  • “Hell Awaits” was the first album a record company put up the budget to release. Show No Mercy was self-financed by the band, largely because Tom Araya had a good job at a hospital.
  • These days, the band considers the production of the album to be quite poor. When asked if they would ever record or re-master it, Tom says “No, that was a snapshot of where we were in our career at the time.”
  • God Hates Us All” is the bans least favorite album. They consider the production on “Hell Awaits” to be superior.
  • Hell Awaits” and “At Dawn They Sleep” are still staples in the band’s setlist live.
  • All of the music and the lyrics were written by Jeff Hannemann and Kerry King. Tom Araya did not contribute lyrically until the “South of Heaven” album.

Hell Awaits Cover, Artwork and Inner Sleeve

Listen to the Full Album Here on YouTube




Side one
No. Title Lyrics Music Length

  1. “Hell Awaits”
  2. “Kill Again”
  3. “At Dawn They Sleep”

Side two

  1. “Praise of Death”
  2. “Necrophiliac”
  3. “Crypts of Eternity”
  4. “Hardening of the Arteries”

Credits and Other Information

Bill Metoyer – engineer
Brian Slagel – producer
Slayer – producer
Bernie Grundman – mastering

SKU: MBR 1040

Label: Metal Blade Records
Year Of Release: 1985

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What Happened To The CELTIC FROST MORBID TALES Line-up?



Morbid Tales is the debut album by the Swiss extreme metal band, Celtic Frost, released in November 1984. It was originally released in Europe as a mini-LP with six-tracks. However, the first American release by Enigma/Metal Blade added two tracks, bringing the release to the length of a regular LP.

Some Little Known Celtic Frost Facts

  • Stephen Priestly is the actual drummer (as a session drummer) although Reid St. Mark was credited.
  • Tom G Warrior does not drink or smoke.
  • Co-Founder and bassist Martin Ain quit the band prior to To Mega Therion. He is credited but does not play on the album.
  • The band’s final tour was with Type O Negative. Peter Steel was a fan of the band and said, “Type O show be opening for them.”
  • Celtic Frost played their final show in Mexico in 2008.
  • Tom G. Warrior now has a band Triptykon. They include a lot of Celtic Frost material in their set.
  • Celtic Frost co-founder Marian Ain died of a heart attack October 17th, 2017 at the age of 50. After the 2nd go-round with Celtic Frost, he became DVD store owner.
  • Stephen Priestly is now 53 and hasn’t been active in music since playing on Morbid Tales.

Classic Album: Morbid Tales On Youtube

Early Celtic Frost Not Far Past The Hell Hammer Days
Early Celtic Frost Not Far Past The Hell Hammer Days

In 1999 a remastered edition of Morbid Tales was released on CD by Noise Records, which also contained the tracks from their 1985 EP Emperor’s Return as well as a 2017 remastered edition released by the same label on CD and Vinyl formats. (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)

Editors Note: As the band went on they went from a less black metal direction into a more glam style that disappointed many fans.

US version
Side One

1.”Into the Crypts of Rays” (Warrior)3:39
2.”Visions of Mortality”4:49
3.”Dethroned Emperor” (Warrior)4:37
4.”Morbid Tales”3:29

Side Two

5.”Procreation (Of the Wicked)”4:04
6.”Return to the Eve”4:07
7.”Danse Macabre”3:52
8.”Nocturnal Fear”

The Celtic Frost Line-Up on Morbid Tales

Tom Warrior – guitars, lead vocals, co-producer
Martin Ain – bass, bass effects, vocals, co-producer
Stephen Priestly – session drums (the actual drummer)

Reed St. Mark – drums on tracks 10-12 (remastered edition)

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Whiplash “Ticket To Mayhem” LP 1987

whiplash metal band 1987

This New Jersey Thrash Outfit Should Have Be Legends: What Happend?

Ticket to Mayhem is the second studio album from New Jersey thrash metal band, Whiplash. It was released on Roadrunner Records in October 1987 and follows 1986’s Power and Pain. 1989, the band released a follow-up album, Insult to Injury. (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)

Side A

1. Stage Dive (03:09)
2. Red Bomb (05:18)
3. Last Man Alive (03:31)
4. Message in Blood (04:04)

Side B

5. War Monger (03:18)
6. Power Thrashing Death (04:13)
7. Stirring the Cauldron (04:18)
8. Spit on Your Grave (02:49)
9. Nailed to the Cross (4:05)

Total Running: 34:45


Yes, Whiplash is a 3 piece band from New York and it should come as no shock that all 3 members are named “Tony”.

Line up: Tony Portaro – Vocals, Guitars
Tony Bono (R.I.P. 2002) – Bass
Tony Scaglione – Drums (ex-slayer)

Whiplash "Ticket To Mayhem" LP 1987
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“Dark Angel” – We Have Arrived 19​85

dark angel in 1984

Thrash Metal Icons Dank Angel Freshmen Effort

We Have Arrived has been reissued at least two times. In 1986, it was re-released by the French recording label Axe Killer in a 2,000 number limited edition. It was then re-released once again in 1997 by Axe Killer. The label attached to the plastic wrap says that this is a remastered edition, but there is no indication of it in the booklet We Have Arrived is the only Dark Angel album to feature Jack Schwartz on drums, as Gene Hoglan replaced him as their drummer on subsequent albums.


Track listing

1.”We Have Arrived”4:07
2.”Merciless Death”4:28
3.”Falling From The Sky”4:23
4.”Welcome To The Slaughter House”5:23
5.”No Tomorrow”6:31
6.”Hell’s On Its Knees”4:14

Total length:33:33


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Testament – The Legacy LP 1987 Megaforce Worldwide – 781 741-1

testament tthelegacy band photo 1987

Prior to the album’s recording in 1986, Testament was known as Legacy. Their lineup consisted of singer Steve “Zetro” Souza, guitarists Alex and Eric Peterson, bassist Greg Christian, and drummer Louie Clemente. Singer Chuck Billy was a member of another local band named Guilt. He had performed with Legacy on a few occasions and was asked to become the new singer after Souza left to join Exodus. In 1986, the band changed their name to Testament after finding out that there was a jazz band named Legacy. The Testament name was suggested by Billy Milano (from S.O.D. and M.O.D.), who was a friend of the band in the early days.

The Debut Album By Thrash Veterans Testament

This was the only Testament album to feature songwriting contributions from Souza, who was credited as the co-writer of all the songs, except for “C.O.T.L.O.D.” and “Do or Die”, which were co-written by original Legacy singer Derrick Ramirez and Billy respectively. The closing track, “Apocalyptic City”, was written by Peterson.

Original Album Art

Listen To The Full Album Here


The album was recorded and mixed at Pyramid Sound Studios in Ithaca, New York, and mastered at Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs in New York City. (Source: Wikipedia)

1.”Over the Wall”
2.”The Haunting”Souza,
3.”Burnt Offerings”
4.”Raging Waters”
5.”C.O.T.L.O.D.” (Curse of the Legions of Death)
6.”First Strike Is Deadly”
7.”Do or Die”
8.”Alone in the Dark”
9.”Apocalyptic City”

Total length:38:45

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What Happened To German Thrash Band Deathrow? (“Raging Steel” 1987)

Deathrow Geman thrash band

Deathrow is another German Thrash Metal act from the 80s. They never got huge, but their raging fast tempos and technical riffing made them better than bands that were a lot bigger. If you have never heard them before, think SODOMKREATOR, or  EXUMER.

Germany’s Deathrow: A Classic Case Of A Metal Band That Should Have Been Bigger

The band suffered from somewhat poor production, but the album was remastered in 2016. The newly remastered version includes the band’s original demo, previously unheard rehearsals and live tracks, plus liner notes with band founding members Sven Flügge (interviewed here in 2018) and Markus Hahn. Unfortunately, the vinyl of this album has been out of print for more than 30 years! <<– Hint Vinyl Collectors.

There is very little information about Deathrow, but I will continue to update this page when (if) any becomes available.

Listen To The Full Album On YouTube


1. The Dawn

2. Raging Steel

3. Scattered by the Wind

4. Dragon’s Blood

5. The Thing Within

6. Pledge to Die

7. Mortal Dread

8. The Undead Cry

9. Beyond the Light

Original 1987 line-up

Milo – Vocals, Bass
Sven Flügge – Guitars
Thomas Priebe – Guitars
Markus Hahn – Drums

Raging Steel Vinyl Artwork

Deathrow "Raging Steel" 1987 Original LP. 1st pressing w/ insert. VERY RARE!

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Vio-Lence – Eternal Nightmare LP 1988 Mechanic Records – MCA-42187



Eternal Nightmare is the debut album by the San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal band Vio-lence. It was released originally in 1988 on MCA Records’ Mechanix sublabel.

That was along as time ago.

“Vio-Lence” Band Photos 1987 / 1988


Band Line-Up:

Sean Killian – Vocals
Phil Demmel – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Robb Flynn – Guitars, Backing Vocals (MACHINE HEAD)
Deen Dell – Bass, Backing Vocals
Perry Strickland – Drums

The front cover artwork from Eternal Nightmare

1. “Eternal Nightmare” 6:10
2. “Serial Killer” 2:58
3. “Phobophobia” 6:31
4. “Calling in the Coroner” 3:55
5. “T.D.S. (Take It as You Will)” 5:04
6. “Bodies on Bodies” 5:47
7. “Kill on Command” 4:56

The 2005 re-release includes a bonus CD of the Thrash of the Titans concert (benefit for Testament singer Chuck Billy), recorded August 11, 2001.